A platform helping brands to acquire agile implicit ,explicit and subconscious qualitative insights from their target audience leveraging AI.

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Uservision helps brands to empathize with customers. We provide a platform where agencies and brands could quickly reach their target audience and get explicit, subconscious and implicit insights leveraging AI.

Our platform could automatically pinpoint and onboard highly targeted participants to ou research platform leveraging the infrastructure of ad networks and programmatic advertising.

After finding the right participant, brands could acquire on demand human intelligence through remote in depth interviews, remote digital product/usability tests and our remote neuro/implicit research tools. We also capture biometric feedback such as the vocal shifts and facial gestures of the participant.

We ultimately utilize AI to analyze all this feedback to create automated insight reports, customer segments and psychographic analysis.
Brands are spending billions to be more data-driven and user-centric. They can aggressively leverage analytics to understand what consumers do, yet they fail at understanding the 'why' behind their motivation. Although asking the opinion of even a small subset of users could save companies time and money, along with increasing customer satisfaction and sales, brands underuse qualitative user understanding on day to day operations, as today's solutions are inefficient, irrelevant or slow.
We use the digital footprint of consumers to pinpoint highly targeted audiences and onboard them to our platform per a brand's request. Then utilizing conventional & unconventional research methodologies we capture qualitative data. We also capture biometric data such as facial and vocal gestures and ultimately analyze all this data with AI to create actionable insights. We organize all this data with tags so that every single department will have access to an insights pool.
There are hundreds of companies trying to tackle the same problem, yet we are the only one who could actually increase the ROI using biometrics.

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$ 1,000,000
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  • 40 Enterprise clients (Aviva, Nike, BBVA, Jagermeister, BNP Paribas Cardif .....)
    January 10, 2020
  • Cash positive
    January 10, 2019
  • $20,000 January, 2020
  • $25,000 January, 2020
    Government grant

The Team


Batukhan Taluy

Founder and GM

Kagan Bozkurt

Product Owner