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A buying platform for B2B software.

Vetd makes buying software for startups incredibly easy and simple. The recent rise of SaaS has given buyers more choices than ever (today, 35K products spread across 700+ categories, worth over $73b in revenue) but there is no tool available that helps buyers make the right decision.

Vetd enables startups to harness the power of their existing communities to make better buying decisions. Buyers can easily compare top products side by side, receive discounts, and get feedback from trusted peers. Allowing companies to get back to running their business, instead of buying software.
While there are now more B2B software options available than ever before, sales techniques have remained stagnant. These techniques, such as aggressive cold outreach, gated pricing and product specs, and forced sales calls, help sales teams run their business, but also make it impossible for a buyers to quickly buy software.
Vetd does away with the entire buying process that exists today and enables buyers to make the right choice in a fraction of the time without leaving our platform or getting on endless sales calls.

How does it work? Buyers first let Vetd know which product type they are looking to buy and their unique requirements. They then can compare top products side-by-side on their pricing and features. Buyers also get insight from their existing communities on which products their peers use and if the product offers a discount. Thus allowing buyers to make confident buying decisions quickly and easily.

We do this by letting buyers harness the power of their current communities. Vetd aggregates discounts, lets community members share insights on their tech stack and usage, and creates a centralized location for vendors to provide

Thus allowing buyers to focus on running their startup and creating value for their company.
The rise of cloud computing has made it easier than ever to launch new B2B software. This means that there are more specialized options for software buyers than ever before ( 35k+ SaaS products spread across 750+ categories) but finding the right option has become increasingly complex.

Plus, companies are turning increasingly to software to help power their businesses. The SaaS industry is expected to grow from $87 Billion today to over $117 Billion in the next two years.

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Andrew Hoagland

Co-Founder & CEO

Zach Shapiro

Co-Founder & COO

Bill Piel

Co-Founder & CTO

Chris Piel

Front-End Engineer