ZON Products Inc.

New York, United States

Seed stage MVP Consumer Products & Services » Consumer Electronics
A Plug and Play Alexa Voice Embedded Smart-Home System that turns an ordinary home into an extraordinary home all controllable with your voice.



ZŌN addresses two growing markets. (1) Smart Speaker Global Market reached $2.7 Billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $11.8 Billion by 2023. (2) Smart Home Market is expected to grow to $119.3 Bullion by 2022.


(1) SmartSpeakers and Outlets are purchased separately. (2) Market Smart Speakers do not give users an option to choose between voice services. (3) Integrating Smart Speaker with IoT Devices is difficult. (4) Too many IoT devices block outlet plug space. (5) Wired smart-home devices are difficult to install, requiring professional assistance. (6) Saturated IoT market, making it difficult to sift customer needs and features all bought separately.


ZŌN Products are voice-embedded smart plugs that consolidate home automation and voice assistance to reduce cost and complexity. While bringing voice services, extending WiFi connection, Intercom, and Multi-room music synchronization to every room. Simple to set up and cost a fraction of the cost of buying multiple devices that perform the same tasks.


PHASE 1, Consumer Online Sales Via zonproducts.com and Amazon.com (B2C). PHASE 2, Business Verticals and Test Markets (B2B). PHASE 3, Data Analytics to generate meaningful insights for the end user and businesses. PHASE 4, IT Services offered to manage larger homes and businesses. PHASE 5, International Expansion in countries where voice assistance is available.

ZŌN as a Products:
Manufacture and market products in the US market alongside with Amazon and Google voice Services. Later expand internationally to where either voice service is available. This includes retail, e-commerce, and B2B vertical markets such as hotels, new home developments, commercial and residential enterprises.

ZŌN as a Platform:
Utilize the ZŌN software and firmware API and voice integration to support private label business for new devices outside the ZŌN Products range. Manage customer IoT data and deliver complete engineered products. Charged for goods sold and services rendered under a subscription model to generate recurring revenue in B2B markets.

ZŌN as Service:
Partner with local installers to manage larger homes and their IoT needs using the ZŌN Software management system. Charge for a small subscription and offer full home IoT management combined with voice. Additional services may include VoIP and 3rd party integrations.

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