KNOCEAN Sciences, Inc.

We began in left field and showed up in right field. We were renamed KNOCEAN Sciences from Oceanfuels when we found new applications and discoveries from Giant Kelp extracts from its waste product that for many hundreds of years had just been thrown away even today with the stems and leaves frozen before further processing. I have a PHD in economics and attracted cosmetic experts and marketing talent and the world finest marine science experts to get into this new discovery of Kelp Concentrate. We were startled to find the ORAC 5.0 test scores to be so high. The rest or our next progress steps took time and is history.


MatchmakerMatchmaker (MM) will improve the likelihood of marriage for all Jewish singles by tenfold versus current alternatives. This mission will be achieved by a unique, competitive resistant four-fold strategy: 1) Modernizing, digitizing and applying the best matchmaking techniques of our more successfully marrying, earlier generations, 2) Creating the safest possible digital dating ecosystem, 3) Internet deployment worldwide, and 4) Establishing a financial quid pro quo affiliation, with major Jewish organizations worldwide.


OptionScanner is a new online trading company that offers simple to use analytics and trading on a unified platform with ultra-competitive pricing. OptionScanner provides an end-to end interface from reference to strategy to execution. Our suite of analytical tools, data, and relevant market information integrated into one seamless platform for investors and traders. The goal is to simplify and organize data into an easy to understand format (for efficient trading). Users can view and customize option data while viewing stock fundamentals, charts and interactive selections in one concise area. The product offers screening for stock, option, and technical parameters. We’ve partnered Tradier, an industry leader in trading and brokerage to provide our back-end interface to financial markets. Their customizable API was a perfect match for OptionScanner, and allows us to create a seamless end-to-end trading platform.

Global Egamer

An App that allows emerging market gamers to earn premium rewards for playing in challenges, tournaments, & giveaways, while also allowing Brands & publishers to promote products & games interactively. We are looking to close the gap between Brands, publishers, and Gamers through API integrations that allow for automated challenges, tournaments, & giveaways with products, micro-transaction items, gift cards, or plain cash as a reward. We enhance gaming by bringing a competitive scenario to the masses that most want it, not just the pro esports players. Our Flywheel Effect goes like this: 1. Brands connect with gamers through prizes 2. Better prizes attract more gamers 3. More gamers attract bigger & more brands (inc. publishers) 4. variety of games + Prizes attract more gamers 5. more gamers allow for deeper & valuable integrations 6. Deeper customer data attracts more brands and back to point 1. Brands connect with gamers through prizes.


MoonQuik is an event aggregator platform aims to connect potential users looking for services related to events with the Venue/Vendor partners who want to offer those services .• We are building Building a b2B and b2C platform helping customer to make real time bid and choose the best venue in his/her budget and requirements.• We will be giving an assurance to our Venue partners owner's for running his/her property those are really unorganized. •We will also connect events host with potential users to book pass for their event.

Woodrowtech, LLC (MyCustomCoupon mobile app)

MyCustomCoupon is a mobile phone app that is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It is a unique idea that directly connects local businesses with their customers. Customers create Requests in the app telling local businesses exactly what they are looking for, and the merchants respond to them with their best offers. We have over 400 businesses registered in the app, because it gives them an opportunity to influence the customers before they have made up their minds about where to go. We have over 2000 consumers.   Press: WBalTV 11: https://youtu.be/3UmOgK4UrYQ Howard magazine (The Baltimore Sun): https://www.mycustomcoupon.com/ellicott-city-couple-helps-locals-create-their-own-coupons-with-new-app/ The Baltimore Sun: http://www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/dining/baltimore-diner-blog/bs-fo-my-custom-coupon-20180227-story.html

Local Fresh

Local Fresh is developing a mobile app designed to help people between the ages of 27 to 56 connect to local artisans with ease by creating a database of butchers, bakers and specialty stores listing their menus in an eye catching, easy to navigate manner offering delivery on demand with stellar performance. The business model is designed to strengthen sustainable farming, increase sales at specialty stores, help the local economy through jobs, and supply convenience to its customers.

Be A Shark

Be A Shark is a platform for anyone to become a Shark (like on Shark Tank). Our Users use our Tinder based UI to like, dislike, and invest in startups. We are putting Product development and Startup Funding in the hands of the Market. They validate the idea for the Issuers and may even fund it for them. Investing in companies they like can help turn their $100 investment into a $1,000,000 return. The market loves Be A Shark as shown with our ~55% view on YouTube ads and ~5.2% conversion rates on Instagram ads. Issuers love us because determining whether there is product-market fit isn't easy......until Be A Shark.


MeSpoke empowers people to create their own, personalized marketplaces in support of the brands and retailers they admire. Consumers love MeSpoke because it takes them from inspiration to purchase faster, and brands love MeSpoke because it offers a better return on their advertising investment. Summary: -A user-generated content platform powered by brand loyalty and rewards -Utility patent-pending -1 of 5 in the world Gartner Cool Vendors -Named "A Company to Watch" in Forbes

Krome Photos

Krome has developed a proven solution for creating images that sell for the eCommerce and Advertising markets. We are focused on the under $100 per image market which is estimated to be a $100B TAM and provides massive volume and scale. eBay, Amazon, Zazzle, Sotheby’s, Asurion, Yahoo-AOL have integrated Krome’s service and are offering the Krome solution to their sellers. Users upload a photo from their phone or desktop. From there, our AI Engine automatically separates the subject from the background and suggests new backgrounds based on similar images that have sold in the past. Krome is the only image creation service that optimizes the choice of background, design, and model based on data to get images that sell. Lastly, our Pro-Editor network corrects coloring, shadows, distortion to Make It Perfect.


Baru is building a digital-to-physical consumer product marketplace to use excess manufacturing capacity. Our first category is custom furniture that can be ordered-to-fit any every home: (1) choose a furniture design in our shopping app, (2) use augmented reality to resize it for your space, and (3) have the perfect piece delivered in under two weeks. Baru uses idle manufacturing automation located in woodworking workshops around the world to make the furniture. We eliminate most inventory, logistics, and distribution costs.