#Artificial Intelligence - AI

Jendaya Limited

Luxury e-commerce (apparels and accessories) for continental Africans. Listing both Western and African luxury brands with a rich editorial website updated monthly, curated with our customers in mind; integrated also is an AI stylist/personal shopper chat function. We want to be an authority on the African landscape whilst providing operational excellence from order to receipt of an item. We are also developing our B2B 'Consortium' offering and looking to elevate our editorial offering with industry panel and educational events.


System9 is a fintech company that optimizes the way money moves. A changing economy requires a flexible approach to wealth management. With unwavering innovation, System9 develops the unique software strategies and intellectual properties our customers need to succeed in the face of consistent uncertainty. Our original products and licensing plans give our clients a noticeable advantage in the financial sector. When faced with the unexpected, accuracy and reaction time separate successes from failures. All of System9’s groundbreaking, instantly deployable products use pure data science and analysis to execute intelligent business decisions with precision and speed. No matter your size, or whether you’ve licensed or purchased, System9 software becomes a valuable asset to wealth and portfolio management.

Krome Photos

Krome is the first digital photo studio to use Artificial Intelligence & a network of Pro Editors to create and optimize images that sell. Users upload a photo from their phone or desktop. From there, our AI Engine automatically separates the subject from the background and suggests new backgrounds based on similar images that have sold in the past. Lastly, our Pro-Editor network corrects coloring, shadows, etc. for an added fee.


For companies looking to improve their machine vision AI's accuracy and get around the bottleneck that is finding adequate training data, LexSet has a superior approach. With it's photo-realistic synthetic data engine purpose-built for generating training data for object recognition and visual search. Our clients range from furniture retailers to industrial and robotics companies (with customers including Herman Miller, Adeo, iRobot, & Epiroc). In short we’re good at creating the data needed to recognize and describe objects in images and real-time space--enabling a host of current and emerging machine vision applications.


VCV is an AI-powered platform that helps companies hire more ethically, smarter and faster by preliminary selection of resumes with automated screening calls and video interviews with face and voice recognition. It's the tool used by world's biggest brands like Unilever, Mars, PwC, JTI, BAT etc. It's a great an opportunity to get a full impression of the candidate before meeting him. All in remote format, with no scheduling and cancellations, watch recorded videos anytime and anywhere. You can ask any questions, set up any time for preparation and see how the candidate responds in order to decide whether the candidate is the right fit for a face-to-face interview. You can also communicate with candidates using chat and voice bots and test their skills (and be sure they are not cheating). You no longer need to spend hours on interviewing candidates whom you won’t hire. VCV can also use hiring intelligence and predictive analytics to screen candidates further, sending you the best ones for the job.

Orderly Health

At Orderly Health, we're building solutions to improve provider data accuracy in healthcare using machine learning and artificial intelligence. We recently completed a successful pilot with an innovative payer in California, demonstrating accuracy lift of more than 25% on their data, and saving their team hundreds of thousands a year, leading them to renew their contract with us at 50% higher ACV. With our solution, insurance companies can scalably manage their provider database saving them millions while also improving their members' experience. Visit us at orderlyhealth.com to find out more.

Feature Interactive

For streamers, any days off from broadcasting can mean a huge drop in followers and subscribers. They must be able to keep their fans engaged at all times. Introducing Feature, an online platform that enables streamers to host gaming tournaments while they're gone that allows viewers to win prizes like merchandise, digital experiences (for example, playing with the streamer during their stream), and much more.

Scrap-It! Technologies

The "Uber" of Junk Removal and Recycling. Scrap-It! Technologies is a groundbreaking platform that connects consumers with local junk haulers and junk haulers with drop-off sites. Our mission is to reduce landfill growth by effectively recycling and upcycling items that are removed from work sites such as garages, rental units, foreclosed homes, construction sites and more. Some of our customers consist of Real Estate Agents/Developers/Investors, Contractors, REO Agents, and Homeowners. We've had recent success by winning 1st place in the NYS Business Plan Competition, SUNY Farmingdale Innovation Challenge, Farmingdale Student Alumni Grant Business Plan Competition. We were also selected as the top 10 finalist in the entire U.S, at the National Entrepreneurship Challenge aka e-Fest. We've been interviewed by News12 LI, The Weather Channel, and been selected to compete on ABC's Shark Tank. Our technology will be disrupting a collective $80 Billion industry. Work with Scrap-It! and we'll make you cash on your trash!


TLCengine is developing an Ebates for homebuying to Help First Time Homebuying Millennials create a single "The Common Application" like profile for getting personized rates for all the products that will be bought (i.e. Mortgage, Title, Car & Home & Life Insurance, Lawyers, Mover and more;) with our True Lifestyle Cost (TLC) = Mortgage + Utilities + Commuting Costs search portal providing actionable intelligence for making homebuying more like renting and provide rebates back to the consumers based on partner products bought. The Platform is a Public Saas portal sold to Multiple Listings Services (650 of them) which unifies the Real Estate Agent, Mortgage, Title, Lawyers, Insurance Products into a single platform to lower the user acquisition costs who are currently spending millions on google, facebook and other ads for the same consumer but not customized based on their profile which leave a bait and switch taste in consumers.

Balex Technologies, LLC

Balex Technologies is developing patented technology demonstrated to increase Input/Output (I/O) speeds and reduce latency by orders of magnitude. Our technology, which works with existing computer hardware and software, can provide unmatched performance capabilities and can also be more than 10 times more cost effective than current technology. Our addressable market extends far beyond the high performance computing space to include data centers, Fortune 1000 companies, and small to medium size businesses. Our technology is hardware with embedded proprietary software. Future generations of are hardware can be miniaturized and included in mobile systems. We believe that our technology will be widely used in AI applications. We are collaborating with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin.

Taste Labs, Inc

Taste is a recommendation app that provides personalized reviews and recommendations based on each user's unique taste. We do this with a very simple concept: by connecting extremely like-minded people. The first iteration of our technology is already the top recommendation app in the movie and tv category. MVP Traction - 250K app installs since launch in May 2018 - 2K paid premium subscribers - 4MM screenviews/month - 50% growth each of the last 4 quarters Our seed round is now closed. We want to connect with future investors who are interested in our technology and category.


Worldwide businesses spend over 1.6 trillion dollars on serving 256 billion customer calls. Out of that 50% get hung up waiting for an agent to actually come to help the customer. That's lot of money for a sub-par customer experience. We are building AI powered call center destined to distrupt 2 trillion dollars customer service industry. Using our platform any business can build an AI call center within hours saving huge money on BPO outsourcing and time for their customer by our AI assistant answering their calls automatically over the phone.

Cress Health

Cress Health is a mobile platform that creates personalized, 24/7 support communities to help addicted populations maintain sobriety after formal treatment programs. We utilize an AI/ML-driven algorithm to form our communities, by matching recovering members to like-minded individuals whom they'll most likely be able to form strong connections with. We supplement these communities with additional tools to help users maintain sobriety, including an "SOS - Send Over Support" button which allows members to receive support if they feel an urge to relapse, a daily check-in, a global newsfeed, and a sobriety tracker.

GTOP Digital Inc.

MediaMaestro - A Power to Predict, A Purpose to Prevent and Programmed to Protect. No human analyst can keep up with the overload of information from videos, social media, internet, satellite, security databases and law enforcement. Security analysts are overwhelmed by data collection. MediaMaestro assists analysts in assessing anomalies across all data silos that point to unwanted actions and activities with its proprietary platform. MediaMaestro can do the legwork helping security personnel correlate data & video then presenting alerts to security professionals for further investigation and/or elimination. GTOP has invented a Cognitive Intelligence - AI solution that can help mitigate theft, loss and reduce insurance claims significantly by early detection and quicker apprehension. Commercial theft and robbery represent a $32 billion annual cost affecting logistics and retail businesses. Plus the indirect costs of insurance claims, cost to law enforcement, and the personal impact on employees and customers. Businesses spend nearly $124 million per year with security system providers who offer various solutions and services to try to prevent these crimes and apprehend the criminal.


The equell platform trains you to build a healthier relationship with technology by encouraging and rewarding balanced behavior. We make learning to better balance digital time fun and engaging thru bite-size micro-steps, content and rewards. -Shut yourself off from all unhealthy distractions on your device and earn points doing it -Actively listen to music, podcasts and audio books while equell is on -Real world rewards chosen as a way to engage with the physical world -A carefully curated marketplace of activities across sport, exercise and culture, inspiring you to take action right now

PC Minera

WeWork for GPU Edge data centers, we are working on making high power computing hyper local and affordable. Powering the next era of humanity means changing the traditional data center model, and making it smaller and local. Our solution is the PC Minera Nano Edge, a small and modular GPU Data Center house within a customized cargo container. We aim to locate our Nano Edge Data Centers close to end users to lower latency, our business model requires lower CAPEX and OPEX since the Nanos can be located in a fraction of real estate than traditional data centers. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT are deeply favored by GPU’s computing power, which companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Packet, Paperspace offer now but is very expensive and most of them use virtualization (meaning you share power with other users). We think computing power should be seen as commodity, and that the underlying value model has to be aligned with a demand/time/type of task equation, thus we are working on having algorithmic crypto mining to use between customer workloads and leverage the computing power already supplied therefore having more flexibility for prices to make it affordable to small and medium companies.


Smardii is an intelligent wearable that turns any adult brief, bed pad, or baby diaper into a smart protection that can detect and monitor health conditions.   Smardii can detect stool, urine, temperature change, body positioning (fall prevention), and biometrics in real-time. Its connected via Bluetooth and WiFi to our app and through a proprietary algorithm it sends alerts, helps with the detection of possible UTI and other health conditions.