We have created the only product that cleans and sanitizes kitchen sponge that are used in 70% of homes and businesses. Kitchen sponges are the germiest item in the home and cross-contaminate surfaces and cause food-borne illnesses. SpongeBath is an elegantly designed product – eco-friendly, convenient, and a welcome addition to any kitchen. SpongeBath holds 7 utility and design patents, is independently tested, with proof of concept & sell-through at a major retailer. Currently raising capital to produce inventory, market aggressively and make SpongeBath a staple in every kitchen.

SaRA Health

SaRA Health is disrupting the way people deal with musculoskeletal pain through our SaRA (the Simplifying Recovery Assistant) platform that provides assistance to patients and providers across all injury severity level such as evidence-based home exercise programs, virtual and in-person PT visits, post-operation personalized care plans, and everything in between. Our success will result in people reaching for SaRA before pain pills, paper handouts, or surgery. Currently, our offering is B2B focusing on self-insured employers with onsite health clinics to build the foundation then expanding to B2C in the next 2-3 years.