#Big Data


We are a platform that allows any venue to be a pop-up theater to screen original movies. 4,000 films are produced every single year, but only 100 of them get wide releases, a mere 2%. Many niche audiences are never able to enjoy movies in theateraical experience but its wanted. For example, in January 2019, Dragon Ball Super, a Japanese Anime, had a 1 day run in the United States and earned $7 million. Combining all of the niche audiences (Nollywood, Tollywood, Anime, LBTQ, Black, Caribbean, documentaries, etc, etc), the market is worth over $4 billion in the U.S. alone.

Dropkey, inc.

DropKey Founder and CEO Rockwell Scharer invented the DropKey® Studio in a Bag®, a Consumer-friendly Chroma key background replacement app with video file storage and post production assembly in the cloud; Scharer won the Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation (2019) for this state of the art inflatable green screen tech on smartphones. Rockwell Scharer solved a difficult physics problem in lighting to invent a pop-up, inflatable studio with bright lights and portability to make push-button perfect, live background replacement on smart devices with no post-production. 100% of professional content creators use Chroma key background replacement, and when you put that ability on 2 billion smart devices and a 6-year-old can do it, you have a revolution. Scharer created an Eco-System by creating the Mobile Content Capture marketplace, including MediaBook.tv, a store for users to buy and sell video clips curated for green screen background loops. Kids and pros can purchase the DropKey Studio in a Bag paired with the DropKey app and can have the Daily Show set in their second bedroom for $599. The DropKey team has created a hearty, collapsible Professional Sound and Lighting portal optimized for Tablets and Smartphones with HD background replacement, and will be marketed to Consumers and Professionals from $599 at www.tvstudioinabag.com or https://dropkey.com/product/dropkey-studio-in-a-bag/.

Orderly Health

At Orderly Health, we're building solutions to improve provider data accuracy in healthcare using machine learning and artificial intelligence. We recently completed a successful pilot with an innovative payer in California, demonstrating accuracy lift of more than 25% on their data, and saving their team hundreds of thousands a year, leading them to renew their contract with us at 50% higher ACV. With our solution, insurance companies can scalably manage their provider database saving them millions while also improving their members' experience. Visit us at orderlyhealth.com to find out more.


TLCengine is developing an Ebates for homebuying to Help First Time Homebuying Millennials create a single "The Common Application" like profile for getting personized rates for all the products that will be bought (i.e. Mortgage, Title, Car & Home & Life Insurance, Lawyers, Mover and more;) with our True Lifestyle Cost (TLC) = Mortgage + Utilities + Commuting Costs search portal providing actionable intelligence for making homebuying more like renting and provide rebates back to the consumers based on partner products bought. The Platform is a Public Saas portal sold to Multiple Listings Services (650 of them) which unifies the Real Estate Agent, Mortgage, Title, Lawyers, Insurance Products into a single platform to lower the user acquisition costs who are currently spending millions on google, facebook and other ads for the same consumer but not customized based on their profile which leave a bait and switch taste in consumers.


TaxTaker is your firm's business savings software. Our first automated, cloud-based solution is the answer to your firm's increasing need to manage R&D Tax Credit studies. Whether you have experience with the incentive or not, each client project will be managed accurately, efficiently, and comprehensively. TaxTaker offers the first white-label R&D Tax Software for CPA firms. Built by experienced CPAs and R&D Tax Attorneys, our technology is a powerfully accurate alternative to the standard R&D study model, helping clients save time and maximize tax benefits.

Balex Technologies, LLC

Balex Technologies is developing patented technology demonstrated to increase Input/Output (I/O) speeds and reduce latency by orders of magnitude. Our technology, which works with existing computer hardware and software, can provide unmatched performance capabilities and can also be more than 10 times more cost effective than current technology. Our addressable market extends far beyond the high performance computing space to include data centers, Fortune 1000 companies, and small to medium size businesses. Our technology is hardware with embedded proprietary software. Future generations of are hardware can be miniaturized and included in mobile systems. We believe that our technology will be widely used in AI applications. We are collaborating with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin.

Taste Labs, Inc

Taste is a recommendation app that provides personalized reviews and recommendations based on each user's unique taste. We do this with a very simple concept: by connecting extremely like-minded people. The first iteration of our technology is already the top recommendation app in the movie and tv category. MVP Traction - 250K app installs since launch in May 2018 - 2K paid premium subscribers - 4MM screenviews/month - 50% growth each of the last 4 quarters Our seed round is now closed. We want to connect with future investors who are interested in our technology and category.


TrophyTracks is an app that will help hunters hunt smarter by putting them in the right spot at the right time. The key to a successful hunt is being prepared and unlocking the patterns in the animals you hunt. Our journal platform designed to keep track of all useful information before, during and after you hunt. It will keep track of the day, time, geolocation, weather, sunrise/sunset, and moon phase automatically. The only thing a hunter will need to keep track of is the animal you observe in real time. You can also add useful information such as pictures, videos, voice memos and field notes. It’s amazing how much you remember by just writing down a few short details! Over time, by keeping a good journal in the field and integrating with trail camera pictures, you can begin to see patterns in animal activity. Trophytracks is different than most hunting apps because it’s more than just a mapping tool or a way point marking tool. It is using data you feed it for predicting and suggesting the best days, times and locations to hunt.

Floating Point Group

Floating Point Group is on a mission to make the digital currency markets efficient, building with the world's highest standards in mind. We help hedge funds, asset managers, and institutional investors adapt to rapidly evolving market structure with a platform of modular trading technology that lets them deploy customizable trading applications for order execution, market data, and trade settlement with just a couple lines of code.

Disa Technologies, Inc

Disa Technologies, Inc., founded in 2015, offers a unified messaging software that integrates multiple messaging services (Telegram, Facebook, SMS/MMS, etc.) into one hub through patented technology. You can organize conversations, shared files, photo galleries, and group conversations in one place as well as personalize the display and appearance of their interface. A unique feature of Disa is the ability to view conversations from different apps through individual streams or as one unified feed by contact, and reply to them. Disa Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a utility patent by the USPTO on unification and power management processes. It is currently under review in the EU and China.

True Gault

Who we are: A high-tech fashion company using 3D imaging technology to scan women’s feet & make gorgeous shoes that fit – all via an iPhone app. We’re really mathematics company capturing big data disguised as a shoe company. Our technology not only captures a true picture of each and every customer but also will change the landscape of how consumers will shop for footwear in the future. Our platform can be licensed and white-labeled for established brands and retailers. Imagine each and every human being having their own personal fit formula available to every shoe maker in the world.


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