#Business Solutions

DataMed, LLC

Datamed Technologies is a Healthcare Research & Development Corporation engaged in constructing Interoperable Information Architecture for clinicians, rehabs, hospitals, universities, independent practice associations, managed care contracts, pharmaceutical,pharmacy benefit managers or providers. As an enterprise solution we primarily focus on building key intelligent constructs of proprietary data communications to select industry professionals within the medical intelligence community. We provide clinical partners a systematic fully automated complete turnkey legacy system designed to maximize revenues by networking concentrically on all aspects of the healthcare cycle including and improving the quality of optimization lifestyle sciences for patients who need affordable access to qualitative and quantitative treatment . Our focus is making our partners profitable, compliant, and preparing them for private equity groups as well as mergers & acquisitions.


Our mission at MoneyHop is to create a first-out-the –chute solution to an existing pressing need in the current U.S. mobile digital electronic payments marketplace. What this means is the completion of an App and the backend processing and support structure that will allow any e-wallet to interact with another e-wallet. Our marketing plan targets individuals who want to transfer funds seamlessly, effortlessly and securely from one virtual wallet to another (e-wallet to e-wallet). Our system is scalable and our success will be measured by the use of our platform in providing transactions at the initial 1000 client beta level and moving quickly to capture a segment of the Trillion Transaction Global Market


We are a forwarding Technology Company handling large volumes of vehicles in the repossesion automotive industry. Our goal is to solve issues within a very fragmented market . This will create increasing net revenue for the banks by saving time and preventing damage to the vehicles. We are nimble and work quickly to create a superior expeirence for our business customers. Our team has over 50 years of automotive industry expeirence We will grow this market quickly as we have already proven in the past several months. We look forward to partnering with people who want to share in our vision.


Our purpose is to harness the Internet of Things and power businesses. We design end-to-end IoT solutions and manufactures easy-to-use, cloud-connected, rugged electronic devices, with rich data analytics and reporting. Our product suite provides precise on-ground monitoring of resources. AI-enabled hyper-local data insights for real-time business intelligence. Gather machine learning-based data insights. Reduce environmental impacts and emissions from business operations.


Uservision helps brands to empathize with customers. We provide a platform where agencies and brands could quickly reach their target audience and get explicit, subconscious and implicit insights leveraging AI. Our platform could automatically pinpoint and onboard highly targeted participants to ou research platform leveraging the infrastructure of ad networks and programmatic advertising. After finding the right participant, brands could acquire on demand human intelligence through remote in depth interviews, remote digital product/usability tests and our remote neuro/implicit research tools. We also capture biometric feedback such as the vocal shifts and facial gestures of the participant. We ultimately utilize AI to analyze all this feedback to create automated insight reports, customer segments and psychographic analysis.

Process Success Inc.

Mission: Cloud-based Process Management and Business Intelligence Solutions for the SME (Small-to-Mid-Sized Enterprise) Market Business Description: Process Success provides enterprises with customizable process management software applications designed to optimize workflow-centric activities and to support their API integration strategies and cloud/hybrid IT infrastructures. Our growing library of task-specific modules include Time Tracking, Work Order Management, Proposal RFQ/RFP Creator, and Payroll/Invoicing are accessible from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Whether deployed individually or as a suite of modules, Process Success apps drive greater operational efficiency, real-time data availability, and enhance an organization’s ability to integrate their on-premises IT, public cloud IT, heterogeneous computing platforms, and mobile devices.


Farm to Table Restaurant with a Smart Menu. Tech Implemented to bring a new understanding to food paired with Plant Based menu. The password for my website is: Plantbased With your investment, we are able to open doors in September, 2020. Let's work together and make this (well planned, partnership heavy, doctor approved) dream a reality!


The Fundamentals of Leadership and Management Development Aims to equip middle managers with the means to become effective managers, Pursuing the goals of excellence within their own organizations. The program is designed to facilitate an understanding of management and the ability to integrate and apply the key competencies required to each of the functional areas of business. On the Management Development Program, our practitioner faculty will help you understand your personal leadership style and how to maximize your ability to motivate others. You’ll study topics across leadership, strategy, and finance, and apply your learning in immersive simulations that mimic real challenges you’re likely to face.