DataMed, LLC

Datamed Technologies is a Healthcare Research & Development Corporation engaged in constructing Interoperable Information Architecture for clinicians, rehabs, hospitals, universities, independent practice associations, managed care contracts, pharmaceutical,pharmacy benefit managers or providers. As an enterprise solution we primarily focus on building key intelligent constructs of proprietary data communications to select industry professionals within the medical intelligence community. We provide clinical partners a systematic fully automated complete turnkey legacy system designed to maximize revenues by networking concentrically on all aspects of the healthcare cycle including and improving the quality of optimization lifestyle sciences for patients who need affordable access to qualitative and quantitative treatment . Our focus is making our partners profitable, compliant, and preparing them for private equity groups as well as mergers & acquisitions.


With its innovative wearable technology, Vyoocam is transforming mobile communication. The first product is a wearable device with a built-in high-resolution camera sensor, and the first wearable device with Google Play Store pre-installed that’s capable of running mobile apps. With Vyoocam hands-free wearable devices, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the goal is to replace hand-held mobile devices in situations where professionals working in a field use mobile apps to receive REMOTE training, REMOTE inspection or REMOTE assistance from the remote experts.

Mos Communications

A MVNO service provider with nationwide 4G/5G LTE coverage; with unlimited talk, text and data at a great price for families. I do not wish to disclose the name of the company or my actual business plan or unique idea without an NDA signed by both parties due to trademark and logo creation as well as as the idea for customer drive. This company will also supply small rural communities a WISP service only in the near future using a fiber backbone from a ISP. We will provide a new brand with customer care and pricing capability with new marketing evolution to drive new services, sales and mechanism to guarantee new and current customer relationships.


Baru is building a digital-to-physical consumer product marketplace to use excess manufacturing capacity. Our first category is custom furniture that can be ordered-to-fit any every home: (1) choose a furniture design in our shopping app, (2) use augmented reality to resize it for your space, and (3) have the perfect piece delivered in under two weeks. Baru uses idle manufacturing automation located in woodworking workshops around the world to make the furniture. We eliminate most inventory, logistics, and distribution costs.

Disa Technologies, Inc

Disa Technologies, Inc., founded in 2015, offers a unified messaging software that integrates multiple messaging services (Telegram, Facebook, SMS/MMS, etc.) into one hub through patented technology. You can organize conversations, shared files, photo galleries, and group conversations in one place as well as personalize the display and appearance of their interface. A unique feature of Disa is the ability to view conversations from different apps through individual streams or as one unified feed by contact, and reply to them. Disa Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a utility patent by the USPTO on unification and power management processes. It is currently under review in the EU and China.