Global Egamer

An App that allows emerging market gamers to earn premium rewards for playing in challenges, tournaments, & giveaways, while also allowing Brands & publishers to promote products & games interactively. We are looking to close the gap between Brands, publishers, and Gamers through API integrations that allow for automated challenges, tournaments, & giveaways with products, micro-transaction items, gift cards, or plain cash as a reward. We enhance gaming by bringing a competitive scenario to the masses that most want it, not just the pro esports players. Our Flywheel Effect goes like this: 1. Brands connect with gamers through prizes 2. Better prizes attract more gamers 3. More gamers attract bigger & more brands (inc. publishers) 4. variety of games + Prizes attract more gamers 5. more gamers allow for deeper & valuable integrations 6. Deeper customer data attracts more brands and back to point 1. Brands connect with gamers through prizes.

Alpha North Esports and Entertainment

Alpha North is a multi fold, vertically integrated Esports entertainment company that is focused on transforming social gaming across North America. Alpha North conducts operations in several sub-sectors to satisfy the emerging needs of the Esports industry. This includes real estate assets, IP creation with online tournament platforms, production and broadcasting, charity fundraising, and celebrity and industry influencer agreements.

StakeHaul Betting

StakeHaul combines a top ranked P2P betting platform with betting content to engage users like never before. You are able to bet on anything using the StakeHaul platform, from a one-on-one round of golf, to something as silly as who can chug milk the fastest. StakeHaul is well positioned to take advantage of an evolving $150B betting industry with this unique value proposition. StakeHaul was featured in the Wall Street Journal Tech section as a P2P betting platform to watch in 2019 and beyond.


The hardest part about streaming is getting people to come back after one stream. Creating engaging, interactive content is one of the best ways to achieve that, however, viewer participation is limited and highly difficult for video game streamers and content creators to implement. We built Feature to make viewer participation easy by enabling streamers to customize fan engagement and host interactive events like gaming tournaments.