Bloom Bras

I founded Bloom Bras out of frustration. After learning the health risks and looking at the untapped market size, I developed a patented, fully-customizable sports bra built with NASA, shipping and packaging experts and a celebrity costume designer. The aim is to disrupt the $184.6 billion athletic wear industry. The average bra size has risen from a 34B to a 34DD in 20 years. Mainstream brands do not cater to the majority of the population. Bloom Bras is now the most body inclusive line on the market ranging from 28C - 56L with partnerships with Macys, REI, Title Nine and Universal Standard in motion. Here are few highlights: * Bloom Bras continuously sells out when new inventory arrives with the top of the range selling as quickly as the smaller sizes. * 300,000 people visited the Bloom Bras Facebook page last month alone without paid support * Built a sustainable factory in Sri Lanka with the ability to manufacture 500,000 pieces a month. * Gaining popularity in niche communities and celebrities at rapid pace with deals with several additional brand deals in final negotiations. * Recent articles in Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Thrive Global, NY Post, and dozens more The company is poised to scale with traction, open orders and new products in the pipeline so I am looking key strategic partners who can help to grow.

Krome Photos

Krome is the first digital photo studio to use data, artificial intelligence & a network of pro editors to create and optimize images that sell. Users upload a photo from their phone or desktop. From there, our AI Engine automatically separates the subject from the background and suggests new backgrounds based on similar images that have sold in the past. Lastly, our Pro-Editor network corrects coloring, shadows, etc. for an added fee.


Baru is building a marketplace to provide the custom furniture that fits any size spot in any home: (1) choose a furniture design in our shopping app, (2) use augmented reality to resize it for your space, and (3) have the perfect piece delivered in under two weeks. Baru uses idle manufacturing automation located in woodworking workshops around the world to make the furniture. We eliminate most inventory, logistics, and distribution costs.

Brow Boost

Brow Boost is an organic eyebrow gel. The gentle, lightweight formula moisturizes and promotes growth for thinning brows as well as tames thick brows. The clear, odorless gel provides maximum hold without flaking. All products are free of toxins, parabens, pesticides, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances and 100% cruelty-free. The purpose of the business is to be exclusively homegrown, improve problem brows, increase customers confidence, inner wellbeing, and enhance natural beauty.

Proof Beverage

We are a women-owned licensed beverage distribution and wholesale company looking to build and deploy a SaaS Order-Management & CRM system to disrupt an antiquated, male-dominated 100-year-old industry. This is the US B2B alcohol beverage sector valued at $70 Billion. Our business model removes Sales Reps from the standard equation, which as employees are inefficient and costly. The automation of this process results in Proof providing the most competitive margins in the industry; thus, improving margins for both Buyers and Suppliers, even down to the Consumer SRP. Proof Beverage will give back autonomy, sanity and time to inundated B2B Buyers, while providing reporting transparency and the additional funds for marketing to Suppliers. Our system can improve discovery of product for B2B buyers, determined by Consumer insights, while providing heightened digital and physical activations to improve UX and CX. Unlike open-marketplaces that lack discernment of quality for their end-users, Proof will manage Buyer and Consumer expectations in the qualitative admission of brands into its portfolio mix. These differentiated aspects situate Proof to become a leader in the US Wine & Spirits space.


The equell platform trains you to build a healthier relationship with technology by encouraging and rewarding balanced behavior. We make learning to better balance digital time fun and engaging thru bite-size micro-steps, content and rewards. -Shut yourself off from all unhealthy distractions on your device and earn points doing it -Actively listen to music, podcasts and audio books while equell is on -Real world rewards chosen as a way to engage with the physical world -A carefully curated marketplace of activities across sport, exercise and culture, inspiring you to take action right now