MatchmakerMatchmaker (MM) will improve the likelihood of marriage for all Jewish singles by tenfold versus current alternatives. This mission will be achieved by a unique, competitive resistant four-fold strategy: 1) Modernizing, digitizing and applying the best matchmaking techniques of our more successfully marrying, earlier generations, 2) Creating the safest possible digital dating ecosystem, 3) Internet deployment worldwide, and 4) Establishing a financial quid pro quo affiliation, with major Jewish organizations worldwide.

Avalon Rifle Werx LLC

Avalon Rifle Werx LLC (ARW) is a federally licensed manufacturer of high-end Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR). Avalon Rifle Werx has spent the past three years conceiving, designing, and prototyping a MSR that is targeted to the highest level shooting enthusiast. We have built our company on the premise that a market can be created specifically for this discriminating enthusiast who seeks an off-the-shelf product that is built to standards not currently found in the market - a product that requires, while modular and configurable by design, no modifications and is both aesthetically and operationally without compromise. Given the overall firearms market in the U.S., and the MSR sub-sector of this market with a growing number enthusiasts, we believe we are tailoring our offering to an existing customer base that lacks a desired product offering.


TripsCon is an online Marketplace for those who are associated with Travel industry in any capacity either they are: - Travelers - Trip Hosts (Providing not just economical home stays but Accommodation, Vehicle, Meal & Activities/Experience) - Travel Companies - Individual Tour Operators - Visa Consultants - Travel insurance agents - Transporters - Hotel/Home/Resort/Camp Owners - Flights booking Agents - Restaurant/Cuisine/Bar Owners - Professional Trip Guides (cultural, historical, adventurous, business, coach) - Professional Trip Photographer/Movie maker - Trip Mates having similar interests

Stock Car Fan Nation, Inc.

Stock Car Fan Nation, Inc. (SCFN) is a NASCAR community that has developed a new model to address the disparity in sponsorship revenue between race teams. Currently in each of the 15 divisions of NASCAR, there are an estimated 25% of the teams that are receiving 75% of the sponsorship funding. The key reason for the disparity is the ability of owners to provide sponsoring organizations with proof of buying power. The 25% of teams receiving the funding are owned by businessmen, who can negotiate business to business transactions where the sponsors’ products receive exclusivity at the owners outside business operation. All NASCAR team owners and drivers do have access to fans that could provide the needed buying power to accomplish the same business-to-business transaction. The problem they face is the lack of a distribution partner to provide the fans with access to the products and services to provide the needed sales to meet the demands of the sponsoring companies.

Y.EE New York

Y.EE New York is a fashion and beauty millennial women-focused media company where accessible fashion and beauty e-commerce enhanced with high quality and luxury content to bring the millennials audience the ability to be efficiently informed and luxury-inspired to lead them to purchase This is a fashion and beauty website with strong editorial mindset which brings lifestyle topics like wellness, food, and travel to support the fashion and beauty editorial line. Y.EE NY brings highly influential influencers to the editorial heart of the publication.

The Artisan General Store Limited

The artisan general store is an ethical, independent online store specialising in the finest range of award-winning artisan goods sourced from across the UK. The store provides a personalised ‘white gloves ’ service to corporate and private clients across the home counties and affluent areas of London. The store also serves customers across the UK and internationally using our carbon neutral delivery partners. In addition to our main store, the company also runs an artisan snack box service for businesses across London and the South-East.

Bloom Bras

I founded Bloom Bras out of frustration. After learning the health risks and looking at the untapped market size, I developed a patented, fully-customizable sports bra built with NASA, shipping and packaging experts and a celebrity costume designer. The aim is to disrupt the $184.6 billion athletic wear industry. The average bra size has risen from a 34B to a 34DD in 20 years. Mainstream brands do not cater to the majority of the population. Bloom Bras is now the most body inclusive line on the market ranging from 28C - 56L with partnerships with Macys, REI, Title Nine and Universal Standard in motion. Here are few highlights: * Bloom Bras continuously sells out when new inventory arrives with the top of the range selling as quickly as the smaller sizes. * 300,000 people visited the Bloom Bras Facebook page last month alone without paid support * Built a sustainable factory in Sri Lanka with the ability to manufacture 500,000 pieces a month. * Gaining popularity in niche communities and celebrities at rapid pace with deals with several additional brand deals in final negotiations. * Recent articles in Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Thrive Global, NY Post, and dozens more The company is poised to scale with traction, open orders and new products in the pipeline so I am looking key strategic partners who can help to grow.

gezuntec ltd

Gezuntec , At the last stages of development of a Wellness benchmark platform for medical treatment recovery. 1st product is Optimal sleep" which helps the outcome and recovery after cosmetic and other surgeries. It is a stand-alone device, for use, a few days after the medical intervention. 2nd product will be launched six months after the Optimal sleep. Acnend Is designed, for natural treatment of inflammatory Acne, without the use of chemicals and other harmful medications, such as "Roaccutane". which carries many potentially dangerous, It may harm the fetus if a pregnant woman is using it, such as, damage to a fetus in case of a pregnant woman who is using it, and many other major health risks. The market size is 700 million of young people suffering from Acne. A patent application was filled in the USA.


Sproutways is Amazon for Genetics, a cannabis market-networks platform with unprecedented access to reliable, high quality genetics to fulfill the needs of commercial and cannabis-aficionado growers while serving the high-growth legal cannabis market. Sproutways has established a central digital platform with comprehensive genetics profiles, grower educational insights, unique custom breeders' diaries, and marketplace data to optimize licensed operators' business practice and allow producers no matter size or location, access to premium-quality, clean and unique genetics for industrial, recreational, and medicinal needs. Genetics has been the key ingredient in the supply chain to dictate and influence the quality, value, and longevity of cannabis plants and their byproducts, from seed to sale. Sproutways has the genetics library exceeding 2,000+ unique cultivars and varieties of landrace, heirloom, and hybrid, from 38 countries with dozens of industry recognition and cup awards.

Krome Photos

Krome has developed a proven solution for creating images that sell for the eCommerce and Advertising markets. We are focused on the under $100 per image market which is estimated to be a $100B TAM and provides massive volume and scale. eBay, Amazon, Zazzle, Sotheby’s, Asurion, Yahoo-AOL have integrated Krome’s service and are offering the Krome solution to their sellers. Users upload a photo from their phone or desktop. From there, our AI Engine automatically separates the subject from the background and suggests new backgrounds based on similar images that have sold in the past. Krome is the only image creation service that optimizes the choice of background, design, and model based on data to get images that sell. Lastly, our Pro-Editor network corrects coloring, shadows, distortion to Make It Perfect.


Baru is building a digital-to-physical consumer product marketplace to use excess manufacturing capacity. Our first category is custom furniture that can be ordered-to-fit any every home: (1) choose a furniture design in our shopping app, (2) use augmented reality to resize it for your space, and (3) have the perfect piece delivered in under two weeks. Baru uses idle manufacturing automation located in woodworking workshops around the world to make the furniture. We eliminate most inventory, logistics, and distribution costs.

Brow Boost

Brow Boost is an organic eyebrow gel. The gentle, lightweight formula moisturizes and promotes growth for thinning brows as well as tames thick brows. The clear, odorless gel provides maximum hold without flaking. All products are free of toxins, parabens, pesticides, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances and 100% cruelty-free. The purpose of the business is to be exclusively homegrown, improve problem brows, increase customers confidence, inner wellbeing, and enhance natural beauty.


Retail Experience Platform: Brands use Luxlock to manage, sell, and market to their shoppers through direct and personal experiences. Our software merges online and instore shopping experiences and turns their brand extensions (restaurants, hotels, etc..) and local activities (US open, theater, yoga retreats) into an exclusive experience marketing channel. Luxlock powers the experience economy.