#Enterprise Web


TracksRacks is an all in one web-based management service for fashion companies. TracksRacks will revolutionize sample trafficking by using product recognition, QR codes and your client database to simplify the process and decrease sample loss; from check-ins to returns. Our service provides proven and reliable messengers to return samples. Through our system you can view profiles with ratings on each messenger, eliminating the fear of thieves picking up your samples. Our service is made for the fashion company on the go and is fully mobile accessible.

Rainbowpassword, geoACL LLC

We have invented and patented unique Authentication, multifactor and E-Signature technologies that protect logins, transaction verifications and payments against cyber attacks and data breaches. Our technologies are called Rainbow Password, Rainbow Smart Multifactor, and geoACL. We offer our tech via API hosted on a cloud as well as have options for on-premise. We have started launching our own Secure Digital tools called rsecure note being the first one in the line. Rest to follow are secure messaging, finguardian, Rainbow login and multifactor for Windows Servers and client devices, document flow with E-sign and so on.