Waiting in line sucks, and hasn’t been reinvented in ages. The state of the art solution today is the “take a number” system that you often see at the deli counter in a supermarket. You take a piece of paper off a roll, it has a number on it, and when your number is called, it’s your turn to order a sandwich. It’s a good solution because you hold a virtual spot in line and can go do something else while you wait. Sleek has taken that concept, and made it digital. Now here’s the magic: We added surge pricing.


MoonQuik is an event aggregator platform aims to connect potential users looking for services related to events with the Venue/Vendor partners who want to offer those services .• We are building Building a b2B and b2C platform helping customer to make real time bid and choose the best venue in his/her budget and requirements.• We will be giving an assurance to our Venue partners owner's for running his/her property those are really unorganized. •We will also connect events host with potential users to book pass for their event.


"Likes," and "follows" are not real so despite living in the most connected age ever an enormous number of people worldwide - 40%! - feel isolated, lonely and lack meaningful relationships in their lives. Technology should connect us, not replace our connection to each other. This is why we created WithMe, a platform to connect people based on shared interests and around their own schedule. WithMe created the world's most dynamic social platform designed to make it easy for people to find fulfilling life experiences and someone to have them with.

Alpha North Esports and Entertainment

Alpha North is a multi fold, vertically integrated Esports entertainment company that is focused on transforming social gaming across North America. Alpha North conducts operations in several sub-sectors to satisfy the emerging needs of the Esports industry. This includes real estate assets, IP creation with online tournament platforms, production and broadcasting, charity fundraising, and celebrity and industry influencer agreements.


The Festiie smartband is a wearable device that keeps group members connected inside massive events and festivals without the need of phone service, wifi, or data. Festiie's live location sharing allows you to track your friends and send notifications regardless of cell reception. Event organizers can obtain a new level of big data on festival attendees and send important announcements in real time. Festiie is the future of event technology.