Dexon UK

The first BPMS that automatizes the implementation process and allows the end-user, without an expert by their side, to digitalize business processes in a matter of days or even hours. Dexon BPM is a B2B SaaS solution, which offers military-grade security, which meets the standards of the financial and defense sector, with more than 120 corporate clients serving more than 100 million end users. We have eliminated the need for human effort to implement a BPM project, our client goes direct from the model to the fully functional implementation with a single click (OK, they need two clicks, one for export the model, and another to import it). The advantage for us: we can scale up our business because we do not need more people to have more clients or more projects. The advantage for our clients: a business process digitalization project can be done in a few days, with other tools, the same can take months.


Zipadeee is an Amazon approved 3rd party financier to resellers of Amazon products. Amazon resellers must wait 14-18 Business days to receive payment from Amazon on products they sell. In the interim because these resellers are waiting on their money they lose out on opportunities to sell more products. Zipadeee is approved to be 1 of 5 finance companies to offer working capital to these Amazon approved entitles. Each time we release money to one of these merchants we get paid back in 30 days. The default rate is less than 3% because these approved merchants cant jeopardize their rating and licensing from Amazon. We are reaching out to find a finance partner who wants to share in this opportunity.