Veron Exotica Liqueur

Veron Exotica Liqueur is luxurious and glamorous cocktail that offers indulgence for those who enjoy wine, cocktails, and who are bartenders, mixologists, and cocktail enthusiasts. Veron Exotica is inspired by my love of cocktails, entertaining, spending time with family and friends and taking moments in life to simple enjoy! Creating something of this magnitude is challenging. Veron is positioned as fashionable lifestyle brand offering elegant barware and accessories also. This industry is extremely male-dominated and dominated by the big brands. I know there is a lane in this industry for a woman-owned brand and a fresh approach. Veron Exotica Liqueur not only taste delicious, but it is a versatile beverage. It can be enjoyed on its' own in replacement of that evening wine or scotch. It can be mixed to create endless cocktails for entertaining. It can be served after dinner as a digestif. Additionally, the bottle design and accompanying barware will beautifully grace any bar.

Breeze Technologies

Breeze is a SmartMenu that allows customers to order and pay for their meals from their tables. This product increases a restaurant's per-customer sales by 10-20%, increases its table turns by 9% and reduces its costs by 15%. Unlike existing tablet menus, Breeze integrates directly to a restaurant's POS system. It's also highly elegant, and unlike existing tablet menus, Breeze is designed NOT to distract customers during their meals. This makes Breeze suitable for mid-tier restaurants, which is an entirely untapped market.

The Artisan General Store Limited

The artisan general store is an ethical, independent online store specialising in the finest range of award-winning artisan goods sourced from across the UK. The store provides a personalised ‘white gloves ’ service to corporate and private clients across the home counties and affluent areas of London. The store also serves customers across the UK and internationally using our carbon neutral delivery partners. In addition to our main store, the company also runs an artisan snack box service for businesses across London and the South-East.


Farm to Table Restaurant with a Smart Menu. Tech Implemented to bring a new understanding to food paired with Plant Based menu. The password for my website is: Plantbased With your investment, we are able to open doors in September, 2020. Let's work together and make this (well planned, partnership heavy, doctor approved) dream a reality!

Local Fresh

Local Fresh is developing a mobile app designed to help people between the ages of 27 to 56 connect to local artisans with ease by creating a database of butchers, bakers and specialty stores listing their menus in an eye catching, easy to navigate manner offering delivery on demand with stellar performance. The business model is designed to strengthen sustainable farming, increase sales at specialty stores, help the local economy through jobs, and supply convenience to its customers.

PairME Wines

Pair ME is a wine brand that sources its wine from France and is curated for customers’ moods and experiences. The company selects quality wines and presents them to customers through distinct bottle labels that target specific “ME’s” (Moods and Experiences). The first experiences targeted are food and wine pairings. Our purpose for making wine labels useful, is because study by John Lawlor, cofounder of Real Picture Research, a visual engagement research company, states: “The wine label really has about 1.5 seconds to make an impact.” Our goal is to cut through the high-brow talk of oenophiles by bridging the gap between quality and purpose.


Beetbox is a complete teaching solution in a box, providing 3 to 6 year olds a robust STEAM curriculum that explores food from seed to table, and includes all materials, fresh ingredients and lesson plans. By connecting children to natural foods, we are able to influence eating habits. Our monthly box comes loaded with everything needed to teach a months worth of lessons, including fresh produce, so that teachers can do what they do best. Teach!