M2JN Ltd.

M2JN Ltd. developed Omniscient, the first AI powered, wireless, one-time use dressing, medical device. Omniscient was specifically developed to continuously monitor the blood circulation in critical patients, allowing to avoid worsening symptoms, eventually leading to amputation, blindness, stroke, heart attack or death. With clinical trial proof-of-concept, our next step is to obtain CE marking and FDA approval for entering our £1.4B addressable market by 2021. Investment required: £750K 15-25% equity share S/EIS tax relief eligible


'Babyba, by gezuntec is a device at the end of development, babyba minimizes the risk of stillbirth (silent birth). babyba is a stand-alone device, to be worn on the shoulder of a pregnant woman in the last trimester of pregnancy. The "babyba" is light (22g), no maintenance required, only charging the battery after a night sleep. It is robust, inexpensive, and it reduces the risk from one death, per 160 births. to one death per 370 births. (This figure is relevant in the western world USA, Europe, Korea Japan, Australia and more.) Besides, we assume, that it is reducing the risk of birth defects in newborns, especially neurophysiological problems. (This assumption, have to be proven.) It is also keeping all the information in the memory, of the device and can be analyzed and followed Does not need FDA approval. A patent application was filled in the USA. (provisional)

Ozer Inc.

Ozer Inc is a SaaS company creating recruiting and on-boarding solutions for the Home-care industry. We enable Home-care agencies to hire care givers as if they were hiring 'temps' (with regard to cost, speed and operational efficiency) while meeting all the legal requirements and quality assurances of a full on-boarding process designed for W2 employees. Our platform is looking to save Home-care agencies up to 90% of the cost of hiring while helping caregivers improve their earning potential within the industry.

Orderly Health

At Orderly Health, we're building solutions to improve provider data accuracy in healthcare using machine learning and artificial intelligence. We recently completed a successful pilot with an innovative payer in California, demonstrating accuracy lift of more than 25% on their data, and saving their team hundreds of thousands a year, leading them to renew their contract with us at 50% higher ACV. With our solution, insurance companies can scalably manage their provider database saving them millions while also improving their members' experience. Visit us at orderlyhealth.com to find out more.

OVAL Digital, Inc.

OVAL a 5-in-1 multipurpose smart sensor system that helps prevent and reduce theft and damage to your home and property, improve safety and comfort, conserve energy and save time and money. OVAL sensors monitor and alert you in real-time to changes in temperature, light, humidity, motion, and water - empowering you to act quickly and avoid coming home to theft, flooding, or other events that could easily be avoided through early detection. Know when doors, windows, or dangerous, valuable, or personal items or areas are accessed. Or when pipes, basements, bathroom fixtures, or appliances are leaking or broken. Monitor sudden or gradual changes in light, temperature and humidity to prevent mold, improve safety, and ensure comfort. Turn any ordinary room, area, or object into a smart one to enjoy instant awareness and peace of mind from anywhere with OVAL.


LEAA is bringing the doctor to your door for the same price as urgent care, giving you the quality and time you deserve. LEAA is a state of the art digital marketplace of Doctors, Nurses, PA's, capable of blood work, X-Rays, Specialty Vitamin injections, cutting edge health care service in your living room. LEAA is a comprehensive technology and service that is putting the care back into the Health Care System. LEAA currently turning heads and profit throughout NYC, and in your hometown soon. www.LEAA.io

SaRA Health

SaRA Health is disrupting the way people deal with musculoskeletal pain through our SaRA (the Simplifying Recovery Assistant) platform that provides assistance to patients and providers across all injury severity level such as evidence-based home exercise programs, virtual and in-person PT visits, post-operation personalized care plans, and everything in between. Our success will result in people reaching for SaRA before pain pills, paper handouts, or surgery. Currently, our offering is B2B focusing on self-insured employers with onsite health clinics to build the foundation then expanding to B2C in the next 2-3 years.