#Image/Video Analytics


LexSet, better data for better vision. Solving the training data problem for computer vision by simulating the world in 3D. Everyone knows that AI is a major growth industry, what people don't talk about is that AI is only as good as the training data it's fed. This is a particular problem for Computer Vision (a $25B market) where sourcing and prepping adequate image data is time-consuming and expensive. LexSet solves this problem with TDaaS (Training Data as a Service), using 3D content to create photo-realistic synthetic data to train Vision AI models. The approach allows users to generate limitless amounts of training data on-demand; customizing the camera type, lighting conditions, occlusions, and materials in a training set purpose generated for each application. TDaaS has been specifically proven in making better AI vision systems for robotic object recognition and navigation.


The hardest part about streaming is getting people to come back after one stream. Creating engaging, interactive content is one of the best ways to achieve that, however, viewer participation is limited and highly difficult for video game streamers and content creators to implement. We built Feature to make viewer participation easy by enabling streamers to customize fan engagement and host interactive events like gaming tournaments.

GT Digital Ltd.

MediaMaestro - Predict - to Prevent - to Protect. No human analyst can keep up with the overload of information from videos, social media, internet, satellite, security databases and law enforcement. Security analysts are overwhelmed by data collection. MediaMaestro assists analysts in assessing anomalies from all data silos that point to unwanted actions and activities. MediaMaestro does the legwork helping security personnel correlate data & video, presenting alerts to security professionals to investigate and/or action. Cognitive Intelligence an AI solution to help mitigate theft, loss and reduce insurance claims by early detection and quicker apprehension. Commercial theft and robbery represent a $32 billion annual cost affecting logistics and retail businesses. Add indirect costs of insurance claims, cost to law enforcement, and the personal impact on employees and customers. Businesses spend nearly $124 million per year with security system providers to prevent these crimes.