#Internet of Things


A distributed function as a service platform that allows users to earn in-App/in-store credit for apps running on their hardware. Creometry hardware is a "home-server" that executes functions for the chosen app. Rewards are stored in crypto-tokens, managed by autonomous contracts (aka smart contract) and measured in non monetary value, i.e. mileage, time units, points, etc. The idea is to allow users to "mine the digital services they need" by providing computing utility to the apps of their choice. the project is closer to a prototype (based on Raspberry Pi) but until that is done, it is still an idea.

PC Minera

WeWork for GPU Edge data centers, we are working on making high power computing hyper local and affordable. Powering the next era of humanity means changing the traditional data center model, and making it smaller and local. Our solution is the PC Minera Nano Edge, a small and modular GPU Data Center house within a customized cargo container. We aim to locate our Nano Edge Data Centers close to end users to lower latency, our business model requires lower CAPEX and OPEX since the Nanos can be located in a fraction of real estate than traditional data centers. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT are deeply favored by GPU’s computing power, which companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Packet, Paperspace offer now but is very expensive and most of them use virtualization (meaning you share power with other users). We think computing power should be seen as commodity, and that the underlying value model has to be aligned with a demand/time/type of task equation, thus we are working on having algorithmic crypto mining to use between customer workloads and leverage the computing power already supplied therefore having more flexibility for prices to make it affordable to small and medium companies.