Onvego provides enterprises and developers with toolbox, ecosystem and off-the-shelf solutions and services for developing intelligent speech-conversational apps and IoT. The users use natural language interaction to operating smart devices and apps. However in opposite to Alexa, Google Home and other similar platforms Onvego offers implementing such control offline without connection to the cloud. Our comprehensive development platform allows these voice solutions be highly customized according to device computational capabilities, user preferences, different languages and accents and even to personal speaker's voice.

KeriCure Inc

KeriCure is a cutting edge biotech company that is solving the problem of infection control in the consumer, animal health and medical skin and wound care markets. Application of our nanopolymer technology can provide significant impact on overall healing outcomes and reduce infection rates, saving thousands on medical and veterinary bills. KeriCure's goal is to breathe new life into the stagnant wound care market, where there is expansive market potential and growth capabilities.


'Babyba, by gezuntec is a device at the end of development, babyba minimizes the risk of stillbirth (silent birth). babyba is a stand-alone device, to be worn on the shoulder of a pregnant woman in the last trimester of pregnancy. The "babyba" is light (22g), no maintenance required, only charging the battery after a night sleep. It is robust, inexpensive, and it reduces the risk from one death, per 160 births. to one death per 370 births. (This figure is relevant in the western world USA, Europe, Korea Japan, Australia and more.) Besides, we assume, that it is reducing the risk of birth defects in newborns, especially neurophysiological problems. (This assumption, have to be proven.) It is also keeping all the information in the memory, of the device and can be analyzed and followed Does not need FDA approval. A patent application was filled in the USA. (provisional)

Bobbin Media

Bobbin helps professionals share their knowledge by turning their ideas into professionally published books. We've created a simple, easy, and proven process that solves the three major problems that stop authors from publishing their book: time, expertise, and marketing. Our program is specially designed for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and other professionals who want to write and publish a high level, impactful book, intended for an entrepreneurial audience. And all you have to do is talk. We'll do the rest.

Floating Point Group

Floating Point Group is on a mission to make the digital currency markets efficient, building with the world's highest standards in mind. We help hedge funds, asset managers, and institutional investors adapt to rapidly evolving market structure with a platform of modular trading technology that lets them deploy customizable trading applications for order execution, market data, and trade settlement with just a couple lines of code.