Visionary Financial

VF is a high-growth media company operating within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. We are developing a social experience that consolidates the highly fragmented industry. VF is revolutionizing media by developing a one-stop social experience that brings together readers, businesses, investors, and traders globally. Visionary Financials media platform funnels into "VF Invest" which will be 1st to market "thematic investing" in the digital asset space, targeting the millennial generation.

Stock Car Fan Nation, Inc.

Stock Car Fan Nation, Inc. (SCFN) is a NASCAR community that has developed a new model to address the disparity in sponsorship revenue between race teams. Currently in each of the 15 divisions of NASCAR, there are an estimated 25% of the teams that are receiving 75% of the sponsorship funding. The key reason for the disparity is the ability of owners to provide sponsoring organizations with proof of buying power. The 25% of teams receiving the funding are owned by businessmen, who can negotiate business to business transactions where the sponsors’ products receive exclusivity at the owners outside business operation. All NASCAR team owners and drivers do have access to fans that could provide the needed buying power to accomplish the same business-to-business transaction. The problem they face is the lack of a distribution partner to provide the fans with access to the products and services to provide the needed sales to meet the demands of the sponsoring companies.

MangoTree TV (MTtV)

MANGOTREE.TV (MTTV) is an independent TV broadcast & production platform, formed by Executive Producer, Nicholas A. Yearwood and filmmaker Sheridan De Meyers, to produce and broadcast high concept returnable TV drama show pilots. Working with A-list on and off-screen talent, MTTV, will produce representative, inclusive and diverse drama of a high-quality and production value at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional entertainment business models.


We are a platform that allows any venue to be a pop-up theater to screen original movies. 4,000 films are produced every single year, but only 100 of them get wide releases, a mere 2%. Many niche audiences are never able to enjoy movies in theateraical experience but its wanted. For example, in January 2019, Dragon Ball Super, a Japanese Anime, had a 1 day run in the United States and earned $7 million. Combining all of the niche audiences (Nollywood, Tollywood, Anime, LBTQ, Black, Caribbean, documentaries, etc, etc), the market is worth over $4 billion in the U.S. alone.

StakeHaul Betting

StakeHaul combines a top ranked P2P betting platform with betting content to engage users like never before. You are able to bet on anything using the StakeHaul platform, from a one-on-one round of golf, to something as silly as who can chug milk the fastest. StakeHaul is well positioned to take advantage of an evolving $150B betting industry with this unique value proposition. StakeHaul was featured in the Wall Street Journal Tech section as a P2P betting platform to watch in 2019 and beyond.


The hardest part about streaming is getting people to come back after one stream. Creating engaging, interactive content is one of the best ways to achieve that, however, viewer participation is limited and highly difficult for video game streamers and content creators to implement. We built Feature to make viewer participation easy by enabling streamers to customize fan engagement and host interactive events like gaming tournaments.

Bobbin Media

Bobbin helps professionals share their knowledge by turning their ideas into professionally published books. We've created a simple, easy, and proven process that solves the three major problems that stop authors from publishing their book: time, expertise, and marketing. Our program is specially designed for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and other professionals who want to write and publish a high level, impactful book, intended for an entrepreneurial audience. And all you have to do is talk. We'll do the rest.

GT Digital Ltd.

MediaMaestro - Predict - to Prevent - to Protect. No human analyst can keep up with the overload of information from videos, social media, internet, satellite, security databases and law enforcement. Security analysts are overwhelmed by data collection. MediaMaestro assists analysts in assessing anomalies from all data silos that point to unwanted actions and activities. MediaMaestro does the legwork helping security personnel correlate data & video, presenting alerts to security professionals to investigate and/or action. Cognitive Intelligence an AI solution to help mitigate theft, loss and reduce insurance claims by early detection and quicker apprehension. Commercial theft and robbery represent a $32 billion annual cost affecting logistics and retail businesses. Add indirect costs of insurance claims, cost to law enforcement, and the personal impact on employees and customers. Businesses spend nearly $124 million per year with security system providers to prevent these crimes.