#Mobile App


Our mission at MoneyHop is to create a first-out-the –chute solution to an existing pressing need in the current U.S. mobile digital electronic payments marketplace. What this means is the completion of an App and the backend processing and support structure that will allow any e-wallet to interact with another e-wallet. Our marketing plan targets individuals who want to transfer funds seamlessly, effortlessly and securely from one virtual wallet to another (e-wallet to e-wallet). Our system is scalable and our success will be measured by the use of our platform in providing transactions at the initial 1000 client beta level and moving quickly to capture a segment of the Trillion Transaction Global Market


OptionScanner is a new online trading company that offers simple to use analytics and trading on a unified platform with ultra-competitive pricing. OptionScanner provides an end-to end interface from reference to strategy to execution. Our suite of analytical tools, data, and relevant market information integrated into one seamless platform for investors and traders. The goal is to simplify and organize data into an easy to understand format (for efficient trading). Users can view and customize option data while viewing stock fundamentals, charts and interactive selections in one concise area. The product offers screening for stock, option, and technical parameters. We’ve partnered Tradier, an industry leader in trading and brokerage to provide our back-end interface to financial markets. Their customizable API was a perfect match for OptionScanner, and allows us to create a seamless end-to-end trading platform.


Waiting in line sucks, and hasn’t been reinvented in ages. The state of the art solution today is the “take a number” system that you often see at the deli counter in a supermarket. You take a piece of paper off a roll, it has a number on it, and when your number is called, it’s your turn to order a sandwich. It’s a good solution because you hold a virtual spot in line and can go do something else while you wait. Sleek has taken that concept, and made it digital. Now here’s the magic: We added surge pricing.

Global Egamer

An App that allows emerging market gamers to earn premium rewards for playing in challenges, tournaments, & giveaways, while also allowing Brands & publishers to promote products & games interactively. We are looking to close the gap between Brands, publishers, and Gamers through API integrations that allow for automated challenges, tournaments, & giveaways with products, micro-transaction items, gift cards, or plain cash as a reward. We enhance gaming by bringing a competitive scenario to the masses that most want it, not just the pro esports players. Our Flywheel Effect goes like this: 1. Brands connect with gamers through prizes 2. Better prizes attract more gamers 3. More gamers attract bigger & more brands (inc. publishers) 4. variety of games + Prizes attract more gamers 5. more gamers allow for deeper & valuable integrations 6. Deeper customer data attracts more brands and back to point 1. Brands connect with gamers through prizes.


"Likes," and "follows" are not real so despite living in the most connected age ever an enormous number of people worldwide - 40%! - feel isolated, lonely and lack meaningful relationships in their lives. Technology should connect us, not replace our connection to each other. This is why we created WithMe, a platform to connect people based on shared interests and around their own schedule. WithMe created the world's most dynamic social platform designed to make it easy for people to find fulfilling life experiences and someone to have them with.

Woodrowtech, LLC (MyCustomCoupon mobile app)

MyCustomCoupon is a mobile phone app that is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It is a unique idea that directly connects local businesses with their customers. Customers create Requests in the app telling local businesses exactly what they are looking for, and the merchants respond to them with their best offers. We have over 400 businesses registered in the app, because it gives them an opportunity to influence the customers before they have made up their minds about where to go. We have over 2000 consumers.   Press: WBalTV 11: https://youtu.be/3UmOgK4UrYQ Howard magazine (The Baltimore Sun): https://www.mycustomcoupon.com/ellicott-city-couple-helps-locals-create-their-own-coupons-with-new-app/ The Baltimore Sun: http://www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/dining/baltimore-diner-blog/bs-fo-my-custom-coupon-20180227-story.html

Students in Demand

We, the founders, are foreign students in Claflin University and getting around was very difficult. So we formed Students in Demand to help students who need rides like us get rides from other students. We learned a couple of things quickly: 1. Ride-sharing apps are not available in small cities and towns because of how they work 2. There is a very high demand for their services in the 19,000+ small cities & towns in the USA alone 3. And the big names are only in about 300 cities in the USA We developed a proven way from a lot of brainstorming, iterations and experiments to get rides, anytime & anywhere. Any person who drives can become a driver. When a user requests a ride, the closest driver, regardless of what they're doing at that time, gets a custom call which lasts 15 seconds with the price, duration and other details of the trip upfront. When the call ends or the driver rejects it, the next driver is called. When the driver accepts it, the rider get's a ride!


Alpacr simplifies the use of many different platforms... TripAdvisor, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Booking.com +more. Whilst offering unique user enhancing and usability features and interface, which currently do not exist on the market. Alpacr is the social platform connecting the world through travel and adventure. Whether you're backpacking in Asia, kayaking in the US, skiing in France, Alpacr is the voice of your adventure.


Coegil is a data science SaaS product & two-sided marketplace with a simple mission: to help everyone make great decisions. With Data Science as a Service, we are a one-stop shop where analysts and providers can produce and share their research. The results? Investment professionals spend hours each day on the Coegil platform to discover, purchase, and consume dynamic research and collaborate with 3rd-party analysts to make better investment decisions using data science.

Be A Shark

Be A Shark is a platform for anyone to become a Shark (like on Shark Tank). Our Users use our Tinder based UI to like, dislike, and invest in startups. We are putting Product development and Startup Funding in the hands of the Market. They validate the idea for the Issuers and may even fund it for them. Investing in companies they like can help turn their $100 investment into a $1,000,000 return. The market loves Be A Shark as shown with our ~55% view on YouTube ads and ~5.2% conversion rates on Instagram ads. Issuers love us because determining whether there is product-market fit isn't easy......until Be A Shark.

Taste Labs, Inc

Taste is a recommendation app that provides personalized reviews and recommendations based on each user's unique taste. We do this with a very simple concept: by connecting extremely like-minded people. The first iteration of our technology is already the top recommendation app in the movie and tv category. MVP Traction - 250K app installs since launch in May 2018 - 2K paid premium subscribers - 4MM screenviews/month - 50% growth each of the last 4 quarters Our seed round is now closed. We want to connect with future investors who are interested in our technology and category.


ClassPass for golf. GolfPass is a monthly golf membership redefining the $26.5B greens fee & tee time booking market by turning the traditional golf membership on its head. Through the GolfPass app and membership plans, golfers save time and money, can book and play golf seamlessly on any course in the GolfPass network, and connect with other like-minded and local golfers. GolfPass modernizes the game by making it more affordable, accessible, and approachable for all while still upholding its traditions and values.


TrophyTracks is an app that will help hunters hunt smarter by putting them in the right spot at the right time. The key to a successful hunt is being prepared and unlocking the patterns in the animals you hunt. Our journal platform designed to keep track of all useful information before, during and after you hunt. It will keep track of the day, time, geolocation, weather, sunrise/sunset, and moon phase automatically. The only thing a hunter will need to keep track of is the animal you observe in real time. You can also add useful information such as pictures, videos, voice memos and field notes. It’s amazing how much you remember by just writing down a few short details! Over time, by keeping a good journal in the field and integrating with trail camera pictures, you can begin to see patterns in animal activity. Trophytracks is different than most hunting apps because it’s more than just a mapping tool or a way point marking tool. It is using data you feed it for predicting and suggesting the best days, times and locations to hunt.


Accomplish is the first on-demand marketplace to facilitate conversations between micro-consultants; in person and in your own city. We're here to service the startup boom; taking the guesswork out of entrepreneurship by giving early entrepreneurs and startups the permission to ask for guidance from their talented neighbors, instead of wasting their time searching on the internet or attending countless networking events. We see the value in what our experts, mentors, and peers do every day. Accomplish is here to help them monetize this, bringing an additional income for our experts and knowledge abound for our entrepreneurs.


Living in a metropolitan area, you spend over 100 hours a year looking for parking. And this is true for New York City, but it’s also true to any large city around the world. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you were notified of a parking spot that is just about to get vacated a walking distance from your destination? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could navigate directly to that spot instead of your end destination? Introducing SpotGrab the app that helps you navigate to your destination, and helps you find the nearest available parking spot in real time. We target street parking, metered parking, parking lots and even allow people to rent out their driveway if they like

GigKloud - The Uber of Staffing

GigKloud is a digital marketplace that connects employers to an on-demand labor force. We do this through an intuitive mobile app and website that incorporate aspects of the gig-economy with social sharing, and gamification. What makes us different from TaskRabbit, Pared, Hyr, Jobble, ShiftGig, etc?? - Our growth is primarily driven by physical sales efforts (Door-to-door, Cold Calling, etc.) - Our aim is to provide a better "Worker" experience - As a marketplace, our model is volume focused, with no resistance to adoption (No Mandatory Drug Tests, Background Checks, Applications, etc) - Significantly lower fees compared to all competitors. (Due to the marketplace model)

Disa Technologies, Inc

Disa Technologies, Inc., founded in 2015, offers a unified messaging software that integrates multiple messaging services (Telegram, Facebook, SMS/MMS, etc.) into one hub through patented technology. You can organize conversations, shared files, photo galleries, and group conversations in one place as well as personalize the display and appearance of their interface. A unique feature of Disa is the ability to view conversations from different apps through individual streams or as one unified feed by contact, and reply to them. Disa Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a utility patent by the USPTO on unification and power management processes. It is currently under review in the EU and China.

True Gault

Who we are: A high-tech fashion company using 3D imaging technology to scan women’s feet & make gorgeous shoes that fit – all via an iPhone app. We’re really mathematics company capturing big data disguised as a shoe company. Our technology not only captures a true picture of each and every customer but also will change the landscape of how consumers will shop for footwear in the future. Our platform can be licensed and white-labeled for established brands and retailers. Imagine each and every human being having their own personal fit formula available to every shoe maker in the world.