Truckerd-In is an app in its pre-launch stage located Florida, United States. Truckerd-In app is intended to revolutionize the trucking industry by providing notifications for parties involved in the transportation of cargo, allow them to view documents and save unnecessary costs and time all while eliminating the needs for paperwork and the risk of losing them. Truckerd-In is providing a more efficient system for managing shipping processes and personnel. With average wait times clocking in well over two hours, drivers can save significant amounts of time and money by using digital tools to streamline the check-in process. These alongside the need to eliminate problems such as unnecessary use of papers and inks, blurry paperwork or non-legible BOL, unnecessary phone calls checking in on truckers to see if and when they get checked in, get to their door and when they check out are the reasons why Truckerd-In is the solution to usher the trucking industry into the 21st century.

Students in Demand

We, the founders, are foreign students in Claflin University and getting around was very difficult. So we formed Students in Demand to help students who need rides like us get rides from other students. We learned a couple of things quickly: 1. Ride-sharing apps are not available in small cities and towns because of how they work 2. There is a very high demand for their services in the 19,000+ small cities & towns in the USA alone 3. And the big names are only in about 300 cities in the USA We developed a proven way from a lot of brainstorming, iterations and experiments to get rides, anytime & anywhere. Any person who drives can become a driver. When a user requests a ride, the closest driver, regardless of what they're doing at that time, gets a custom call which lasts 15 seconds with the price, duration and other details of the trip upfront. When the call ends or the driver rejects it, the next driver is called. When the driver accepts it, the rider get's a ride!


Living in a metropolitan area, you spend over 100 hours a year looking for parking. And this is true for New York City, but it’s also true to any large city around the world. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you were notified of a parking spot that is just about to get vacated a walking distance from your destination? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could navigate directly to that spot instead of your end destination? Introducing SpotGrab the app that helps you navigate to your destination, and helps you find the nearest available parking spot in real time. We target street parking, metered parking, parking lots and even allow people to rent out their driveway if they like