Our mission at MoneyHop is to create a first-out-the –chute solution to an existing pressing need in the current U.S. mobile digital electronic payments marketplace. What this means is the completion of an App and the backend processing and support structure that will allow any e-wallet to interact with another e-wallet. Our marketing plan targets individuals who want to transfer funds seamlessly, effortlessly and securely from one virtual wallet to another (e-wallet to e-wallet). Our system is scalable and our success will be measured by the use of our platform in providing transactions at the initial 1000 client beta level and moving quickly to capture a segment of the Trillion Transaction Global Market

Mos Communications

A MVNO service provider with nationwide 4G/5G LTE coverage; with unlimited talk, text and data at a great price for families. I do not wish to disclose the name of the company or my actual business plan or unique idea without an NDA signed by both parties due to trademark and logo creation as well as as the idea for customer drive. This company will also supply small rural communities a WISP service only in the near future using a fiber backbone from a ISP. We will provide a new brand with customer care and pricing capability with new marketing evolution to drive new services, sales and mechanism to guarantee new and current customer relationships.


We just sold $1000 sneakers for only 5 bucks! Why? Because LACED is like no other sneaker platform out there. We are a gamified app approach to bidding and e-commerce. By giving all sneaker enthusiasts a fair chance to participate in a low cost auction, we can change the way extremely limited and rare sneakers are purchased or obtained. Our goal is to get sneakers into the hands of consumers at the lowest price possible while providing an inventory solution for retailers.