#Real Estate


PadBlock, is a digital ecosystem for real estate transactions built from the user’s perspective. We want to revolutionize the large but fragmented real estate industry. Our mission is to make home buying, renting, and selling accessible on the palm of your hand to a new generation of home buyers, encouraging them to reap the long-term financial benefits of homeownership. The real estate industry is overdue for a technical wave. Today’s home buying process is highly dysfunctional and ripe for a platform revolution; data is far from accurate, and the transaction is mostly analog. PadBlock digitally and vertically integrates the home buying process while relying on blockchain technology to protect users’ personal data. Our platform weaves B2B & B2C models into a highly interactive platform where users and professionals interact in a logical, cyber-safe, and streamlined process resulting in a faster and more enjoyable experience for all.


From our $10-18T military vets empowered and empowering TAM, our core product is a needs no permission new-wine-in-old-bottles but far superior (i.e. solving finance's Holy Grail challenge that high returns rarely come with low to risk, and certainly never scalably so because everyone eventually copies the profitable arbitrage) Ginnie Mae "Single-Family" MBS, and along with "just" anchoring the Great American renewal our HeroHomes.com B2C/MilitaryVet2MilitaryVet platform marketplace acts as the front-end of inventing to facilitating to owning the pipeline to said GNMA MBS and the by precedent up to 48-72% annualized no to low risk spread.


invested in nearly $100m of real estate transactions with an average personal ownership of 50% across all deals. transactions have resulted in a 50%+ gain on asset at point-of-sale and have resulted in over 100%+ return on capital placed (with average leverage per deal of 55%). value investor focusing on inefficiencies within his core markets of operation which include the Counties of Los Angeles and Orange, California. Conservative in approach, Capital preservation is the corner stone of his investment strategy. While a value approach is used at point of acquisition, a growth strategy drives the renovation / stabilization process. 13 Year Real Estate investment team. 150% Cash on Cash IRR over 50% Zero Capital lost in 13 years