#Sharing Economy

Students in Demand

We, the founders, are foreign students in Claflin University and getting around was very difficult. So we formed Students in Demand to help students who need rides like us get rides from other students. We learned a couple of things quickly: 1. Ride-sharing apps are not available in small cities and towns because of how they work 2. There is a very high demand for their services in the 19,000+ small cities & towns in the USA alone 3. And the big names are only in about 300 cities in the USA We developed a proven way from a lot of brainstorming, iterations and experiments to get rides, anytime & anywhere. Any person who drives can become a driver. When a user requests a ride, the closest driver, regardless of what they're doing at that time, gets a custom call which lasts 15 seconds with the price, duration and other details of the trip upfront. When the call ends or the driver rejects it, the next driver is called. When the driver accepts it, the rider get's a ride!


Baru is building a digital-to-physical consumer product marketplace to use excess manufacturing capacity. Our first category is custom furniture that can be ordered-to-fit any every home: (1) choose a furniture design in our shopping app, (2) use augmented reality to resize it for your space, and (3) have the perfect piece delivered in under two weeks. Baru uses idle manufacturing automation located in woodworking workshops around the world to make the furniture. We eliminate most inventory, logistics, and distribution costs.

GigKloud - The Uber of Staffing

GigKloud is a digital marketplace that connects employers to an on-demand labor force. We do this through an intuitive mobile app and website that incorporate aspects of the gig-economy with social sharing, and gamification. What makes us different from TaskRabbit, Pared, Hyr, Jobble, ShiftGig, etc?? - Our growth is primarily driven by physical sales efforts (Door-to-door, Cold Calling, etc.) - Our aim is to provide a better "Worker" experience - As a marketplace, our model is volume focused, with no resistance to adoption (No Mandatory Drug Tests, Background Checks, Applications, etc) - Significantly lower fees compared to all competitors. (Due to the marketplace model)