Onvego provides enterprises and developers with toolbox, ecosystem and off-the-shelf solutions and services for developing intelligent speech-conversational apps and IoT. The users use natural language interaction to operating smart devices and apps. However in opposite to Alexa, Google Home and other similar platforms Onvego offers implementing such control offline without connection to the cloud. Our comprehensive development platform allows these voice solutions be highly customized according to device computational capabilities, user preferences, different languages and accents and even to personal speaker's voice.

Atalog Inc.

Atalog is social networking mobile app that lets users keep their contact information and social media handles in one place for other users to easily discover and follow through a concise, efficient, and simple platform. The application features a virtual currency as well called 'drip' that is rewarded to users through posting engaging content to the app as well as receiving follows and endorsements from other users on Atalog. In the future, drip will serve as collateral that can be used by our most popular users to accept bounties for affiliate marketing campaigns from partnered third-party businesses.