#Social Media


MeSpoke empowers people to create their own, personalized marketplaces in support of the brands and retailers they admire. Consumers love MeSpoke because it takes them from inspiration to purchase faster, and brands love MeSpoke because it offers a better return on their advertising investment. Summary: -A user-generated content platform powered by brand loyalty and rewards -Utility patent-pending -1 of 5 in the world Gartner Cool Vendors -Named "A Company to Watch" in Forbes

Atalog Inc.

Atalog is social networking mobile app that lets users keep their contact information and social media handles in one place for other users to easily discover and follow through a concise, efficient, and simple platform. The application features a virtual currency as well called 'drip' that is rewarded to users through posting engaging content to the app as well as receiving follows and endorsements from other users on Atalog. In the future, drip will serve as collateral that can be used by our most popular users to accept bounties for affiliate marketing campaigns from partnered third-party businesses.

Gate Reality LLC (new product StreetAR)

StreetAR is a new media property and innovation on traditional out-of-home advertising. We combine an amazing hand painted mural with mobile Augmented Reality (AR) to give brands a framework to tell more engaging, socially shareable and newsworthy stories. Content so powerful that it's able to transcend the physical location of the wall activation itself and garner significant digital reach and consumer insights. Here's a link to our most recent project for Universal Music/Giggs at our London wall location in Shoreditch: https://gatereality.wistia.com/medias/jlew4gkmq9