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MatchmakerMatchmaker (MM) will improve the likelihood of marriage for all Jewish singles by tenfold versus current alternatives. This mission will be achieved by a unique, competitive resistant four-fold strategy: 1) Modernizing, digitizing and applying the best matchmaking techniques of our more successfully marrying, earlier generations, 2) Creating the safest possible digital dating ecosystem, 3) Internet deployment worldwide, and 4) Establishing a financial quid pro quo affiliation, with major Jewish organizations worldwide.

Visionary Financial

VF is a high-growth media company operating within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. We are developing a social experience that consolidates the highly fragmented industry. VF is revolutionizing media by developing a one-stop social experience that brings together readers, businesses, investors, and traders globally. Visionary Financials media platform funnels into "VF Invest" which will be 1st to market "thematic investing" in the digital asset space, targeting the millennial generation.


"Likes," and "follows" are not real so despite living in the most connected age ever an enormous number of people worldwide - 40%! - feel isolated, lonely and lack meaningful relationships in their lives. Technology should connect us, not replace our connection to each other. This is why we created WithMe, a platform to connect people based on shared interests and around their own schedule. WithMe created the world's most dynamic social platform designed to make it easy for people to find fulfilling life experiences and someone to have them with.

Alpha North Esports and Entertainment

Alpha North is a multi fold, vertically integrated Esports entertainment company that is focused on transforming social gaming across North America. Alpha North conducts operations in several sub-sectors to satisfy the emerging needs of the Esports industry. This includes real estate assets, IP creation with online tournament platforms, production and broadcasting, charity fundraising, and celebrity and industry influencer agreements.

Stock Car Fan Nation, Inc.

Stock Car Fan Nation, Inc. (SCFN) is a NASCAR community that has developed a new model to address the disparity in sponsorship revenue between race teams. Currently in each of the 15 divisions of NASCAR, there are an estimated 25% of the teams that are receiving 75% of the sponsorship funding. The key reason for the disparity is the ability of owners to provide sponsoring organizations with proof of buying power. The 25% of teams receiving the funding are owned by businessmen, who can negotiate business to business transactions where the sponsors’ products receive exclusivity at the owners outside business operation. All NASCAR team owners and drivers do have access to fans that could provide the needed buying power to accomplish the same business-to-business transaction. The problem they face is the lack of a distribution partner to provide the fans with access to the products and services to provide the needed sales to meet the demands of the sponsoring companies.

MangoTree TV (MTtV)

MANGOTREE.TV (MTTV) is an independent TV broadcast & production platform, formed by Executive Producer, Nicholas A. Yearwood and filmmaker Sheridan De Meyers, to produce and broadcast high concept returnable TV drama show pilots. Working with A-list on and off-screen talent, MTTV, will produce representative, inclusive and diverse drama of a high-quality and production value at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional entertainment business models.


Alpacr simplifies the use of many different platforms... TripAdvisor, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Booking.com +more. Whilst offering unique user enhancing and usability features and interface, which currently do not exist on the market. Alpacr is the social platform connecting the world through travel and adventure. Whether you're backpacking in Asia, kayaking in the US, skiing in France, Alpacr is the voice of your adventure.


Sproutways is Amazon for Genetics, a cannabis market-networks platform with unprecedented access to reliable, high quality genetics to fulfill the needs of commercial and cannabis-aficionado growers while serving the high-growth legal cannabis market. Sproutways has established a central digital platform with comprehensive genetics profiles, grower educational insights, unique custom breeders' diaries, and marketplace data to optimize licensed operators' business practice and allow producers no matter size or location, access to premium-quality, clean and unique genetics for industrial, recreational, and medicinal needs. Genetics has been the key ingredient in the supply chain to dictate and influence the quality, value, and longevity of cannabis plants and their byproducts, from seed to sale. Sproutways has the genetics library exceeding 2,000+ unique cultivars and varieties of landrace, heirloom, and hybrid, from 38 countries with dozens of industry recognition and cup awards.


MeSpoke empowers people to create their own, personalized marketplaces in support of the brands and retailers they admire. Consumers love MeSpoke because it takes them from inspiration to purchase faster, and brands love MeSpoke because it offers a better return on their advertising investment. Summary: -A user-generated content platform powered by brand loyalty and rewards -Utility patent-pending -1 of 5 in the world Gartner Cool Vendors -Named "A Company to Watch" in Forbes


Accomplish is the first on-demand marketplace to facilitate conversations between micro-consultants; in person and in your own city. We're here to service the startup boom; taking the guesswork out of entrepreneurship by giving early entrepreneurs and startups the permission to ask for guidance from their talented neighbors, instead of wasting their time searching on the internet or attending countless networking events. We see the value in what our experts, mentors, and peers do every day. Accomplish is here to help them monetize this, bringing an additional income for our experts and knowledge abound for our entrepreneurs.

Knowbella Tech

There is an estimated $14,000,000,000,000.00 of unused intellectual property (IP) in the world. Knowbella Tech captures as much of that as it can, puts it on its Platform, which is not publicly available at https://Platform.Knowbella.Tech. Along with free tools, services, and grants, this IP is provided to science, technology, engineers, and math (STEM) researches and students around the world to push forward that IP. When they collaborate they earn cryptocurrency. One can think of the model as the "AirBnB® of IP" in a "GitHub® for Scientists". The initial business model is capturing that advanced IP and cherry-picking it and selling it companies and governments. This is the Red Hat®/Linux model. A proof of this was done by the Founder in his other company with a publicly traded company for $1.8M USD. With this crowdsourcing model, not only will highly pressing problems solved by making value of unused IP, many additional revenue models emerge. The preseed round was heavily oversubscribed. A lot was accomplished as a result.


The site you're on right now. OneH is the most powerful deal flow engine for early-stage investors. Easily source curated deal flow, meet new investors to expand your network, and collaborate on existing deals with investors from both inside your organization and your larger network. - OneH learns about your investment interests to pinpoint investment opportunities most relevant to you. - Easily share deals and collaborate with other investors using OneH Deal Rooms. - Browse through a global feed of new startups to explore new industries and business models.