Disa Technologies, Inc

Disa Technologies, Inc., founded in 2015, offers a unified messaging software that integrates multiple messaging services (Telegram, Facebook, SMS/MMS, etc.) into one hub through patented technology. You can organize conversations, shared files, photo galleries, and group conversations in one place as well as personalize the display and appearance of their interface. A unique feature of Disa is the ability to view conversations from different apps through individual streams or as one unified feed by contact, and reply to them. Disa Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a utility patent by the USPTO on unification and power management processes. It is currently under review in the EU and China.


Womp is like the Squarespace, for 3D files. We are an all-in-one ai powered platform for generating, sharing and manufacturing 3D objects. Mail-in objects to scan, generate objects from sentences and endlessly modify them with simple sliders and prompts. Then preview, animate, share your 3D models in augmented reality or get them 3D printed in over 100 materials.