Waiting in line sucks, and hasn’t been reinvented in ages. The state of the art solution today is the “take a number” system that you often see at the deli counter in a supermarket. You take a piece of paper off a roll, it has a number on it, and when your number is called, it’s your turn to order a sandwich. It’s a good solution because you hold a virtual spot in line and can go do something else while you wait. Sleek has taken that concept, and made it digital. Now here’s the magic: We added surge pricing.

Mos Communications

A MVNO service provider with nationwide 4G/5G LTE coverage; with unlimited talk, text and data at a great price for families. I do not wish to disclose the name of the company or my actual business plan or unique idea without an NDA signed by both parties due to trademark and logo creation as well as as the idea for customer drive. This company will also supply small rural communities a WISP service only in the near future using a fiber backbone from a ISP. We will provide a new brand with customer care and pricing capability with new marketing evolution to drive new services, sales and mechanism to guarantee new and current customer relationships.

Process Success Inc.

Mission: Cloud-based Process Management and Business Intelligence Solutions for the SME (Small-to-Mid-Sized Enterprise) Market Business Description: Process Success provides enterprises with customizable process management software applications designed to optimize workflow-centric activities and to support their API integration strategies and cloud/hybrid IT infrastructures. Our growing library of task-specific modules include Time Tracking, Work Order Management, Proposal RFQ/RFP Creator, and Payroll/Invoicing are accessible from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Whether deployed individually or as a suite of modules, Process Success apps drive greater operational efficiency, real-time data availability, and enhance an organization’s ability to integrate their on-premises IT, public cloud IT, heterogeneous computing platforms, and mobile devices.

Skan, Inc

Skan is a cognitive technology startup redefining business process discovery to empower large enterprises to uncover, untangle, and unleash their business processes. Skan’s offering accelerates and optimizes intelligent automation, digital transformation, and helps define the future of work. Skan’s unique approach leverages computer vision, deep learning, and machine intelligence to observe, learn, assemble, and optimize business processes without intrusion or integration. The output in the form of a process metamodel and digital process twins makes it a breeze to model, simulate, and measure the future state in a sandbox. Skan’s founding team is a blend of entrepreneurs, technologists, data scientists, and AI experts – all well versed in the challenges and opportunities at large enterprises with complex business and IT landscapes.

Breeze Technologies

Breeze is a SmartMenu that allows customers to order and pay for their meals from their tables. This product increases a restaurant's per-customer sales by 10-20%, increases its table turns by 9% and reduces its costs by 15%. Unlike existing tablet menus, Breeze integrates directly to a restaurant's POS system. It's also highly elegant, and unlike existing tablet menus, Breeze is designed NOT to distract customers during their meals. This makes Breeze suitable for mid-tier restaurants, which is an entirely untapped market.

Dexon Software Ltd

The first BPMS that automatizes the implementation process and allows the end-user, without an expert by their side, to digitalize business processes in a matter of days or even hours. Dexon BPM is a B2B SaaS solution, which offers military-grade security, which meets the standards of the financial and defense sector, with more than 120 corporate clients serving more than 100 million end users. We have eliminated the need for human effort to implement a BPM project, our client goes direct from the model to the fully functional implementation with a single click (OK, they need two clicks, one for export the model, and another to import it). The advantage for us: we can scale up our business because we do not need more people to have more clients or more projects. The advantage for our clients: a business process digitalization project can be done in a few days, with other tools, the same can take months.


Coegil is a data science SaaS product & two-sided marketplace with a simple mission: to help everyone make great decisions. With Data Science as a Service, we are a one-stop shop where analysts and providers can produce and share their research. The results? Investment professionals spend hours each day on the Coegil platform to discover, purchase, and consume dynamic research and collaborate with 3rd-party analysts to make better investment decisions using data science.

Ozer Inc.

Ozer Inc is a SaaS company creating recruiting and on-boarding solutions for the Home-care industry. We enable Home-care agencies to hire care givers as if they were hiring 'temps' (with regard to cost, speed and operational efficiency) while meeting all the legal requirements and quality assurances of a full on-boarding process designed for W2 employees. Our platform is looking to save Home-care agencies up to 90% of the cost of hiring while helping caregivers improve their earning potential within the industry.


LexSet, better data for better vision. Solving the training data problem for computer vision by simulating the world in 3D. Everyone knows that AI is a major growth industry, what people don't talk about is that AI is only as good as the training data it's fed. This is a particular problem for Computer Vision (a $25B market) where sourcing and prepping adequate image data is time-consuming and expensive. LexSet solves this problem with TDaaS (Training Data as a Service), using 3D content to create photo-realistic synthetic data to train Vision AI models. The approach allows users to generate limitless amounts of training data on-demand; customizing the camera type, lighting conditions, occlusions, and materials in a training set purpose generated for each application. TDaaS has been specifically proven in making better AI vision systems for robotic object recognition and navigation.


TracksRacks is an all in one web-based management service for fashion companies. TracksRacks will revolutionize sample trafficking by using product recognition, QR codes and your client database to simplify the process and decrease sample loss; from check-ins to returns. Our service provides proven and reliable messengers to return samples. Through our system you can view profiles with ratings on each messenger, eliminating the fear of thieves picking up your samples. Our service is made for the fashion company on the go and is fully mobile accessible.

Ants Tech & Labor

We are automating residential property management through the web app https://atlasia.app where a digital replica of each house will be created as the online profile. We deliver an information infrastructure that allows us to transition toward the Third Industrial Revolution. ​Our services range from employing Machine Learning (ML) to automate the numerous utility accounts, to deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to facilitate customers’ personal development in various aspects. We are also exploring sustainable construction materials and world-class design for the next generation of smart houses and communities via the Internet of Things (IoT).


A buying platform for B2B software. Vetd makes buying software for startups incredibly easy and simple. The recent rise of SaaS has given buyers more choices than ever (today, 35K products spread across 700+ categories, worth over $73b in revenue) but there is no tool available that helps buyers make the right decision. Vetd enables startups to harness the power of their existing communities to make better buying decisions. Buyers can easily compare top products side by side, receive discounts, and get feedback from trusted peers. Allowing companies to get back to running their business, instead of buying software.


TaxTaker is your firm's business savings software. Our first automated, cloud-based solution is the answer to your firm's increasing need to manage R&D Tax Credit studies. Whether you have experience with the incentive or not, each client project will be managed accurately, efficiently, and comprehensively. TaxTaker offers the first white-label R&D Tax Software for CPA firms. Built by experienced CPAs and R&D Tax Attorneys, our technology is a powerfully accurate alternative to the standard R&D study model, helping clients save time and maximize tax benefits.


Retail Experience Platform: Brands use Luxlock to manage, sell, and market to their shoppers through direct and personal experiences. Our software merges online and instore shopping experiences and turns their brand extensions (restaurants, hotels, etc..) and local activities (US open, theater, yoga retreats) into an exclusive experience marketing channel. Luxlock powers the experience economy.

Disa Technologies, Inc

Disa Technologies, Inc., founded in 2015, offers a unified messaging software that integrates multiple messaging services (Telegram, Facebook, SMS/MMS, etc.) into one hub through patented technology. You can organize conversations, shared files, photo galleries, and group conversations in one place as well as personalize the display and appearance of their interface. A unique feature of Disa is the ability to view conversations from different apps through individual streams or as one unified feed by contact, and reply to them. Disa Technologies, Inc. has been awarded a utility patent by the USPTO on unification and power management processes. It is currently under review in the EU and China.