Avalon Rifle Werx LLC

Avalon Rifle Werx LLC (ARW) is a federally licensed manufacturer of high-end Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR). Avalon Rifle Werx has spent the past three years conceiving, designing, and prototyping a MSR that is targeted to the highest level shooting enthusiast. We have built our company on the premise that a market can be created specifically for this discriminating enthusiast who seeks an off-the-shelf product that is built to standards not currently found in the market - a product that requires, while modular and configurable by design, no modifications and is both aesthetically and operationally without compromise. Given the overall firearms market in the U.S., and the MSR sub-sector of this market with a growing number enthusiasts, we believe we are tailoring our offering to an existing customer base that lacks a desired product offering.

StakeHaul Betting

StakeHaul combines a top ranked P2P betting platform with betting content to engage users like never before. You are able to bet on anything using the StakeHaul platform, from a one-on-one round of golf, to something as silly as who can chug milk the fastest. StakeHaul is well positioned to take advantage of an evolving $150B betting industry with this unique value proposition. StakeHaul was featured in the Wall Street Journal Tech section as a P2P betting platform to watch in 2019 and beyond.


ClassPass for golf. GolfPass is a monthly golf membership redefining the $26.5B greens fee & tee time booking market by turning the traditional golf membership on its head. Through the GolfPass app and membership plans, golfers save time and money, can book and play golf seamlessly on any course in the GolfPass network, and connect with other like-minded and local golfers. GolfPass modernizes the game by making it more affordable, accessible, and approachable for all while still upholding its traditions and values.


TrophyTracks is an app that will help hunters hunt smarter by putting them in the right spot at the right time. The key to a successful hunt is being prepared and unlocking the patterns in the animals you hunt. Our journal platform designed to keep track of all useful information before, during and after you hunt. It will keep track of the day, time, geolocation, weather, sunrise/sunset, and moon phase automatically. The only thing a hunter will need to keep track of is the animal you observe in real time. You can also add useful information such as pictures, videos, voice memos and field notes. It’s amazing how much you remember by just writing down a few short details! Over time, by keeping a good journal in the field and integrating with trail camera pictures, you can begin to see patterns in animal activity. Trophytracks is different than most hunting apps because it’s more than just a mapping tool or a way point marking tool. It is using data you feed it for predicting and suggesting the best days, times and locations to hunt.


What is Sixer: At Sixer, we have developed a proprietary trading platform that prices virtual stocks in cricket players in real time and mimics movements of a real stock market. Customers can buy and sell these stocks, the better the players are playing, the higher their stock goes and the more money customers make. Our system is capable of handling a robust volume of transactions in real time and prices over 300 + assets simultaneously.