Applied Cavitation Technologies

Israeli start-up developed novel Wastewater Aeration technology enabling to cut dramatically costs ( OpEx - by 70%; CapEx -by 90%), energy consumption, and environmental signature. Very fast go-to-market at low investments required. The huge (tens of US$B) and growing market in which the Company product will be sold in the NO-COMPETITION environment. The technology was validated at a small-industrial scale. Large-industrial Pilots are being built to be tested at hosting Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Scrap-It! Technologies

The "Uber" of Junk Removal and Recycling. Scrap-It! Technologies is a groundbreaking platform that connects consumers with local junk haulers and junk haulers with drop-off sites. Our mission is to reduce landfill growth by effectively recycling and upcycling items that are removed from work sites such as garages, rental units, foreclosed homes, construction sites and more. Some of our customers consist of Real Estate Agents/Developers/Investors, Contractors, REO Agents, and Homeowners. We've had recent success by winning 1st place in the NYS Business Plan Competition, SUNY Farmingdale Innovation Challenge, Farmingdale Student Alumni Grant Business Plan Competition. We were also selected as the top 10 finalist in the entire U.S, at the National Entrepreneurship Challenge aka e-Fest. We've been interviewed by News12 LI, The Weather Channel, and been selected to compete on ABC's Shark Tank. Our technology will be disrupting a collective $80 Billion industry. Work with Scrap-It! and we'll make you cash on your trash!

Shift Group

We are an early-stage edTech company, teaching entrepreneurship, taking participants from "Idea" to "Pitch-Ready" in our 13 classes. We have gamified it and integrate sustainability (People, Planet, Profit). Courses are taught 100% online, and the online game will be completely stand-alone. We are targeting online universities (think Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, etc.), corporations and our own continuing education platform. And while Shift Group is new, our team has been in the space for decades.

Knowbella Tech

There is an estimated $14,000,000,000,000.00 of unused intellectual property (IP) in the world. Knowbella Tech captures as much of that as it can, puts it on its Platform, which is not publicly available at https://Platform.Knowbella.Tech. Along with free tools, services, and grants, this IP is provided to science, technology, engineers, and math (STEM) researches and students around the world to push forward that IP. When they collaborate they earn cryptocurrency. One can think of the model as the "AirBnB® of IP" in a "GitHub® for Scientists". The initial business model is capturing that advanced IP and cherry-picking it and selling it companies and governments. This is the Red Hat®/Linux model. A proof of this was done by the Founder in his other company with a publicly traded company for $1.8M USD. With this crowdsourcing model, not only will highly pressing problems solved by making value of unused IP, many additional revenue models emerge. The preseed round was heavily oversubscribed. A lot was accomplished as a result.