Living in a metropolitan area, you spend over 100 hours a year looking for parking. And this is true for New York City, but it’s also true to any large city around the world. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you were notified of a parking spot that is just about to get vacated a walking distance from your destination? And wouldn’t it be even better if you could navigate directly to that spot instead of your end destination? Introducing SpotGrab the app that helps you navigate to your destination, and helps you find the nearest available parking spot in real time. We target street parking, metered parking, parking lots and even allow people to rent out their driveway if they like


Twelf, a data-driven mobile platform, offers the first sponsored ride-hailing experience in the world. Ready to disrupt urban transportation. Cheaper rides connecting you with your preferred companies, goods and services. Through smart analytics, companies can go beyond just sales figures to obtain insight into people’s motivations and preferences. Our vision is to facilitate urban mobility by lowering the cost of a private ride, therefore increasing accessibility. We want to give lower income segments the same transport alternative as the rest of the population. Twelf wants to be a mobility solution where car ownership in the long term could be replaced. This will lead to a tremendous decrease in congestion, pollution and need for parking space.

Omie Scooters

Omie Scooters is an electric scooter company that targets heavy tourist destinations around the world, starting off in the Caribbean. We were founded on the notion that transportation no longer needs to contribute to the demise of our planet. O-Scooters, as we have come to call them, are a fun, easy way to travel short distances, while helping governments, cities, and localities lead on the environment while providing a necessary service to their constituencies. Our scooters will put a dent in heavily congested areas and reduce carbon footprints, while providing a much needed service to tourists and locals alike. Importantly, we are building a mobile application that will allow local establishments — bars, restaurants, hotels, museums, beaches and historical sites — interface with our riders, thereby providing them with a technology-based means of increasing traffic while powering tourists with more information about the countries that they are visiting.