M2JN Ltd.

M2JN Ltd. developed Omniscient, the first AI powered, wireless, one-time use dressing, medical device. Omniscient was specifically developed to continuously monitor the blood circulation in critical patients, allowing to avoid worsening symptoms, eventually leading to amputation, blindness, stroke, heart attack or death. With clinical trial proof-of-concept, our next step is to obtain CE marking and FDA approval for entering our £1.4B addressable market by 2021. Investment required: £750K 15-25% equity share S/EIS tax relief eligible


Smardii is an intelligent wearable that turns any adult brief, bed pad, or baby diaper into a smart protection that can detect and monitor health conditions.   Smardii can detect stool, urine, temperature change, body positioning (fall prevention), and biometrics in real-time. Its connected via Bluetooth and WiFi to our app and through a proprietary algorithm it sends alerts, helps with the detection of possible UTI and other health conditions.